slipping through August

Today AJ and I went to check out an alternative school for him.  They were having a meet and greet at the local Sky Zone trampoline park.  He got to jump for a couple of hours while I spoke with teachers, parents, and other school people.  The school appeals to him, so tomorrow we will begin the enrollment process.  Would love to have him out of this school and into the new one by the end of the month.

Vegetables are coming in fast and furious in the garden now with the time quickly approaching for me to begin replacing summer crops with fall/winter varieties.  I am always excited to have new things available, but a little sad to see the growing days of summer come to a close.

There are still days of sunny visits to local farm markets… time to load in a few more batches of produce to put up before summer ends.

And  time to dream about stories to write.  With Khyr now well in hand (I expect to finish edits by the end of September) I will need to start thinking of what I want to write next.  So many choices…so little time.  Selkies. Dhampir. Dark Walkers. gean-cánach.   So many stories to tell…and still not sure which way to go.

Which hero will lead me to the most interesting possibilities?  We shall have to wait and see.


Enjoying the Lowcountry weather

Gorgeous today…sunny and mild, with just the sweetest little breeze.  And having my car back from the brake shop, we took full advantage of the day (and the hatchback, LOL)  First a run to the bank, a few bills to pay, a post office run… then stopped at Lowe’s for the topsoil and peat for the garden.

Went to lunch with Reesie, then across to Hyams Nursery where we got a wonderful purple cherry heirloom tomato,

heirloom pepper, and cucumbers.  Got seeds for, you guessed it, heirloom carrots and lettuce.  At home, we dug out the remaining kale from last year, cleaned out the raised pallet garden, and refilled it with compost in the bottom level and fresh soil mixture for the top layer.  Discovered the potatoes I planted last week in a pot have lovely leafs now.

Tomorrow I need to mow, and we will try to find enough pots for the remaining tomatoes, radishes, and lettuce.  Hopefully the growing bags for potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots will arrive this weekend.  Need to run out to Sea Island Savory Herbs this weekend to fill in my herb bed also.  The sage wintered over and is spreading out of its cinder block planter.  Rosemary is a little worse for wear but will be full again this summer.  I need new hot oregano, white sage, cilantro, hyssop, and tarragon.

I do so love working in the earth.  Happy gardening all!

MARCHing into spring…I hope

Today was/is gorgeous! Mid 70s, light breeze, bright sunshine.  Couldn’t ask for a lovelier spring day.  I hope it stays.  It has been an unusually cold and dreary February for here in the Lowcountry.  Usually by now I would have my spring crops in, this year the rain and very cold nights prevented that.  This week, with more seasonable temperatures promised, I hope to accomplish getting at least the pots of vegies started. The garden still has onions,  three kinds of kale, and lots of herbs from last year. That is a good beginning.

So welcome March!  About time you got here.  The camellias are still in bloom.  The red and white striped ones have joined the red, pink, and whiite ones.  

Yellow is stilll biding its time.  Azaleas have fat buds, so they are late but will be here soon. Amaryllis left by some long ago residents of this house are blooming now too.  Sadly tucked behind the huge azaleas where no one can appreciate their amazing beauty but me.  After they are done, I really should lift and move them to a location where future generations can enjoy their show.