Everyday miracles

It was another gorgeous day.  If that sounds repetitive…it is.  I am so blessed to live in a place I love and enjoy this much.  I love the sunshine.  The heat.  The sun.  The breeze off the ocean.  The sudden summer rains.  The long summer squalls.

I love wild masses of color from summer flowers and crepe myrtles, the whisper of the breeze in salt grass and pampas mounds.  The hawks that sit atop the posts and watch us below.  The mockingbirds with their myriad of stolen songs.  Peppers in the trees, and anoles on the house.  Everything is bright and blessed here this time of year.

No, we don’t have any money for a ‘vacation’ like normal folks do in the summer.  Someday I want to take AJ on a ‘real’ vacation… he was so young when his dad got sick and died, he doesn’t even remember ever having taken one…  but here we have our own little backyard vacation every day.  We have the ocean.  We have the Angel Oak, the cobbled streets of downtown Charleston, palm trees, and sailboats passing beneath the bridges.

Before he heads back to school we’ll go to the Battery.  We’ll walk around down town.  I’ll even save the money to take him someplace fun and “Carolina” for a special treat.  We will make the memories.

Life is too precious to miss just because you don’t have much.  Every moment we have is a miracle.

Monday musings

STORMING!  First lightning so close it made all the touch-lamps turn on, and then when it thundered it shook the house so hard they all turned off!  LOL!  Amazing the storms that roll in through the LowCountry.  Usually they come hard and are soon gone.  This summer has been different though….so many fierce storms this summer.  Hard deluge rains, and they last for hours or come wave upon wave of storm fronts one behind the other.

The road is standing full…as usual…but at least I don’t need to water tomorrow 😀

Of course rain never stops summer fun here…even in the pouring rain, surfers are out at the beach catching the waves the winds drive in.  Gotta love it here.

Now it is SUMMER

If there was any doubt before, it is now JULY….full on the middle of our gorgeous, glorious SUMMER!

Yes, that is me you see happy dancing in the puddles from the thunderstorms, and grinning like a Cheshire cat as I revel in the hot, hot, HOT sunshine.  I love Summer.

Summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime!  (feel free to sing along)

Have to get up really early to mow the yard now.  Walk the dogs early.  But I still do my work….lots of outdoor gardening and landscaping… in the middle of the day.  All but watering, the plants appreciate me waiting till late afternoon for that.

I did have to replace a couple of pots of flowers at DeeDee’s that just weren’t up to the heat/sun (the three digit temps are hard on flowers) but I found good sturdy stock better suited to this year’s weather and they are looking wonderful.

Miss my Little A soooo much.  Can’t wait till he is home again.  Got his replacement hammock swing for out under the live oak and it looks great.  He will love that.  The swing is his favorite place.

Tomorrow is 4th of July.  No big plans.  Kids will shoot off some fireworks in the driveway.  We’ll watch whatever the neighbors shoot off.  Going to grill out back and enjoy the sounds and smells and ‘family’ of the 4th.  We are blessed.

Another week…

another busy one.  Got to see my littles…I miss them so much.  Now clean like crazy all weekend so the house is ready on Monday.  Spud is doing his part.  Lawn needs mowed but it is too hot with these temperatures to stress the grass like that or I’ll just have a dead, yellow lawn the rest of the summer.  Waiting for rain.

And while we wait…. FANTASY FRIDAY is here!  This is a real place in Alaska, but it is the light through the trees and the mystery of the path that leads me on flights of fantasy.  Where does it lead you?