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Lilacs see to have sprung into bloom… gracing gardens with their perfume and their beauty.

  Dogwood blossoms are everywhere. 

From the trees sprang a myriad of sounds and critters.  Chirruping squirrels, chasing one another in the thrill of spring’s ecstasy.  Tree frogs…completing the chorus with croaks, trills, bleats, and grunts. At night it can sound like a fleet of fire trucks descending on the neighborhood. The anoles don’t have a lot to say as they leap and slither about the limbs or run along the morning glory shrouded fence.  Skinks slither under the raised garden beds, hide in the damp shade beneath the kids’ sand/water table.

Already broadhead skink females are hidden in my woodpile, guarding and tending their clutches of tiny white eggs.

species photo (not  my picture…but I seldom get the females to stand still for me, lol)

The males, with their big red heads are much more imposing than their ladies and less skittish. They love it up in the big live oaks.

species photo

Spring is here in the Lowcountry.  It couldn’t have sprung up at a better time.


Wasn’t it wonderful

Such a lovely day… got up early, started straight to work on straightening the house a bit more.  Not too much needed done.  Walked dogs, fed rabbit and the parrot.  Searched fruitlessly for something I know has to be in one of the boxes… maybe I will find it tomorrow.

The morning flew past.  Home inspection went smoothly.  Then, finally, I crashed.  Yes, frightening as it is, I took a nap.

A looooong nap. THREE hours!  I barely sleep more than that in a whole night.

It was wonderful!

No plans for repeating this performance, but after weeks (months!) of stress and no sleep… it was perfect.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the biggest dang skink ever has moved INSIDE my screen porch door 🙂  and life is good.  May your day be touched with blessings.