Sunshine and sofas

Today was a beautiful autumn day here in the Lowcountry,  low 70s, clear blue skies, and sunshine. Hard to get better than this when you have plenty of fun errands to complete.

First up:  rescue the small sofa/loveseat I bought yesterday from the second-hand store but couldn’t get into my little hatchback. A dear friend was kind enough to lend me her jeep and with back seats removed it was the perfect size.  Up the stairs to Reesie’s apartment and hoping she loves it when she gets home tonight. It is a nice solid little piece of furniture and in really great condition aside from a small paint smudge on one arm. Tomorrow I will take the sweet lilac crocheted prayer throw the dear church ladies made for David when he was fighting his cancer.  It made him feel better having it, and will be the perfect accent (and smudge hider) for the sofa.  Then I will nab a couple of cute throw pillows and it will be adorable.

Next up, take my ‘helper’ (aka Little A) for a quick stop at McD’s for drinks and a haIf hour break on the playground. This one has a tube-slide almost two stories high…and a sign saying it is for children 3-12 and their parents too!  Challenge was given, and I crawled up the endless spiral tube, through the maze, following a giggling and taunting boy-child, and there it was: the slide. I got turned…and he shoved me.  Middle-aged woman eeeking her way around all the curves and whoosh out the end.

Image result for big tube slide at mcdonalds playground

I survived!  There may be bruises come morning, ha.

The trip home was blessed with a gorgeous orange half-moon over the river.

Image result for pictures of half moons

Loving life here in the Lowcountry.


One last day

Tomorrow my Reesie heads off to New York and her amazing summer job.  Today was spent racing like crazy people trying to pull together the final things for camp.  Some ‘blacks’  (she is a stage manager in the theatre at the camp and they told her not to bring her ‘good’ blacks to camp) from Goodwill.  Plus a pair of shorts and a couple of adorable plaid cotton camp shirts.  We got the last of her snacks for the long train ride.  We wanted to spend one last day on the beach…but it decided to thunder storm instead. :s  Packed her bags.  Tried in vain to find a wall charger for her camera but did succeed in finding a $2 cord for her iPod.

We talked (a lot), drove around (a LOT), and ended with a quick and very late supper at our favorite Crab Shack.  I am going to miss her so much but can not be more thrilled about this big step into her adult career and life.

Life is good.

More from the garden

Reesie and I had one last busy but beautiful day at ‘work’ putting in flower beds, caring for the vegetable garden, ripping out old pine straw from last winter and replacing it with mulch and topsoil and new flowers in sooo many varieties and colors.  It was wonderful and it felt good to get in a lot of hours in the southern sunshine doing something I love so much.

Back home we continued preparations for Reesie going off to her job the end of the week.  Tomorrow she has her physical for camp and I have the final meeting to set up AJ’s school schedule for next year.  A sophomore!  How do they keep growing up when I don’t feel a day older than I did when he was born?

The wrens have two nests out on the screen porch…I am thinking one of last year’s brood has returned with Mama to build her own nest. Sweet.

This is going to be a summer full of miracles

About dogs, crab dip, and other everyday things

Today my Reesie went back to Conway and her play.  It was a lovely visit…we accomplished everything we set out to get done and then some, had a lot of fun, and caught up on our lives.  We trimmed doggie toenails.  Made a new perch for the parrot (who has rejected it, as always, is now in the fits of attempting to ‘kill’ it, as always, and will eventually accept and love it)  We laughed at our total lack of icy weather, hauled potted plants and rabbit in and out of the house on a daily basis, did a ton of laundry, and discussed such obtuse things as whether or not to sell my beloved house, why she has never been called for jury duty (when she really wants to be), will she be able to give blood tomorrow when she has her appointment (she really wants to but has never weighed enough to do it), how I was ever going to save enough to get a little ‘beater’ car if I don’t get a job (and how I would get a job lacking a car to get me ‘to’ it), and the changes life holds for her and her oldest sister in the next few months/year.

Life is such an amazing adventure.

Now she has gone home.  No one to talk to for a few weeks (conversations with the14 yr old son tend to not lean toward anything very ‘deep’).  So I am working on my books, indulging in way too much crab dip and vegetable crackers and feeding crackers to the 1 yr old.  Snuggling her old lab, who always is blue for a few days when ‘her’ Reesie has to leave again.

I have made a fresh pot of sweet ice tea, and a big bowl of turkey salad for supper.

The day is cloudy and cool….the sunshine left about the same time this morning Reesie did…but not unpleasant.  It surely could be worse  (sorry Northerners)

Most of the house is picked up, dishes are done.  Post for my writer’s group is ready and I called AFLAC to change my automatic payments from the old account up north to one down here.  Back to what passes for normal.

So many changes.  So many more ahead.

Life is good.

Saturday spectacular

Today was the day! I worked hard and fast all morning, and when my ride arrived we jumped in the car and headed for Reesie’s to see her Stage Manage her first professional production.  The drive is one of my favorites… miles and miles of  fast roads through the Francis Marion forests… tiny towns that are barely a cross road… tiny churches.  Love this drive.  When Reesie moves on to a new town I shall so miss these trips.

Her musical… She Loves Me… is the play on which You’ve Got Mail was based… so it was a fun and familiar story. I got to go up and see the Stage Manager’s booth.  WOW!  I never knew they were so big, with so much equipment, so many people…and her stage management book has to be over a foot thick!  And all you heard was a soft constant barrage of times till and cue this and what was going up, down…places… HOW she keeps track of it all amazes me.  Amazes them!  She is going to be wonderful in her new profession that she loves so much.  I could not be prouder.

A fabulous Friday full of fun!

What a wonderful day… lots to do, chores.  Walked to the grocery store and got food for the weekend because tomorrow I get to go to see my Reesie’s musical “She Loves Me”  which is her first mainstage production as a professional stage manager. Can’t wait to see it.

Meanwhile, the weather is nice.  The weekend looks to be awesome and the writing is zipping along in spite of my minor melt downs  (it’s been too long, the edits will never end, the last book I ‘edited’ I destroyed, what if …what if… what if….) The typical  writer’s panic attack list.

AND… best of all… it is FRIDAY!  Which means not only the end of another long week, but another wonderful Fantasy Friday posting.  I have such fun finding the pictures to post here… I hope others enjoy them as well.


Such a brief span of time…

…and so many changes!

The weather swung from our usually temperate Lowcountry winter to some chilly days and bitter night.  Had to cover my fig, baby yellow camellia, and lemon trees.  Now we have swung back to sunny skies, warming gradually, and no more blankets over the plants.

Challenges changed from me worrying about how much gas we were using…to my dd totaling the poor little Kia last night. She thankfully is fine except for a sprained wrist and a very swollen hand.  My much loved car will be using no more gas.  Kinda sad, and yet I see the balance in this change. More budget, less expense.  A new appreciation on the part of the teens for having a car at all since we are on foot for the next few weeks,  Both the exercise and the discipline will be good for them.

Changes in my work in progress (wip) as well.  A new conflict rears its head, a new (future) threat begins to reveal itself, and some dynamics in my little group are shifting.  Such fun tweaking and tightening and filling the details.

Best of all, my just-graduated from college (SUMA cum laude!) daughter surprised me with an unannounced visit tonight!  So wonderful to have her here even just for one day ❤  So we will make a Chick-fil-A run (she is gluten free and Chick fil A is one of our ‘safe’ places) and then home to work on our laptops, eat junk food, and maybe watch a movie or play games.

Life is good.