Just another magic Monday

and the Lowcountry is blessed with sunshine for Presiden’t Day.  Not much happening here…without a car I can’t actually take the kids anywhere.  But teenage son was just happy to sleep in and spend the day playing his games.

Since I have nowhere to go, I spent some hours reading…a few cleaning house… and a LOT writing.  I love writing.  I love the flow, the feel, the worlds that spring from the page.  And when my writing day was done, there were edits for my Judah and his absolutely fascinating story he is writing for his master’s class.  Literary…but not.  And he has found his voice at last.  His love for this story shines through its dark themes.  That was such fun.

Also got to Skype with my Squid.  Who sang some songs for me.  Hid behind his hands a lot.  And said his favorite bedtime book was “the Oma book”  😀   I love that boy. “Goodnight Moon” has been passed on once more.