Wishful Wednesday

I ‘wish’ it was wicked…but not too much luck with that today.  At least not yet.

Instead another long, looooong day in the car had me thinking of so many things I wish I could change around here. Wish David was still here…the kids miss him so much.  Wish I could buy him one more banana split at Dairy Grove…and watch the kids giggling over their own ice cream, and how much Dat loved his 😀

Wish I could find a job.  Now that at least can be more than a ‘wish’.  I can change that.  I will change that.

Wish I could find a better ‘home’ for the kids, and me.  Found a wonderful little run-down ‘shack’ of a home driving around last week, the paint long gone, but the porch strong and sturdy, the tin roof needing a good cleaning and mercy! does the whole place need landscaping…a girl can dream.  It would be such a joy to take an old abandoned house like that and bring it back to life.  Make it a ‘home’ once more.  No fancy renovations; just restore it and love it. Put an old wringer washer like Grandma had on the back porch, and a tire swing in the tree out front.

Old Maytag wringer washer like my Grandmas used to have! Oh the memories of laundry day!

Get a wood burning stove (or gas if the city is picky) like the one we love at writer’s camp.

Related image   My cast iron would be right at home.  antique+stoves.+wood+and+gas | Peerless Kalamazoo Gas/Wood Dual Fuel Antique Cook Stove: grn

Add a porch swing and a joggling board…

Related image

I’d be happy to spend the rest of my life fixing the old place up and making it a little ‘more loved’ every year.

If wishes were horses….

Someday, I’ll gallop away.


Blessings large and small

Worked today! it was busy from beginning to end… my friend got me three beautiful new clematis to add to the yard.  Red, pink, and a purplish-blue.  I think I am going to trellis the pink up the post of the front porch where the daylilies will shade the roots, and the other two may go in a large pot (if I can find one) with a trellis so I can move it to the spot I eventually want it.  I would love to have it out front in the area where I hope to put in a proper birding area.  There is plenty of cover for the birds in the nearby azalea hedge,  and the live oak is an open latticework overhead.

The dear neighbor across from DeeDee, Mr. Carmine, made me a birdhouse and feeder combination and brought it over to give me.  Such a blessing… and now I have something to remember him by always.  It will be a wonderful centerpiece out there, and is perfect for my Carolina Wrens.  I have a wooden swing bird feeder to hang

and an ancient concrete bird bath. Future plans include a sunflower feeder and a suet feeder and eventually a small water garden up near the hedge or camellias with a bench (or…omg! a joggling board!)  I would be in heaven!

   I love joggling boards!

Then home and I made crab poppers and a vegie tray and tater tots.  Which was a lovely easy supper and sooo yummy.  I am blessed beyond measure.