what now?

It is Monday…again. ¬†Not sure how that happens so often ūüėČ ¬†The weekend was lovely, if hectic. ¬†The car is¬†still¬†¬†in the shop (seems Hyundai is rather sloppy about getting and shipping parts) ¬†So we are managing all of our trips in the Miata… which just has to make ya smile.

No garden supplies or soil till we get my car back, but we did stop and nab some tiny tomato plants… heirloom, of course… and decided to try out hand at white eggplant. ¬†Found lovely Japanese heirloom variety with smaller egg shaped fruit… very excited to see how long before they up and kicking out pretty white eggplants for the table.

Got morning glory seeds to start… we really wanted some interesting striped ones I’d seen, but this is a pretty heirloom mix of colors and will look nice trellised up the porch pole.

Looks like lots of gardening to be done this week. ¬†Won’t that be fun!!!

Spring is such a treasure.