Dreaming of Dragons

The story I am writing now has a version, I suppose, of dragons.  It wasn’t MY plan…but then my protagonists rarely listen to what I think the story should be, lol. Dragons they wanted, dragons there must be.

Now I am well into the story, and the more I write of their drachen (dragons) the more I am enjoying reading and discovering the dragons of other lore. Amazing how this one creature…in such a myriad of forms and purposes…survives in so many vastly divergent cultures all across the world.

This one caught my attention…in part because the name…The Rainbow Serpent…is so children’s fantasy, but this is no sweet Puff.  Aido Hwedo is the Serpent of the World, a part of the Dahomey creation mythology. Related image

Shenlong  caught my attention because the story rather reminded me of the Thunderbirds of Native American mythology.  Shenlong is the master of storms, clouds, and the bringer of rain in Chinese mythology. Related image

Apophis or Apep was the ancient Egyptian dragon…the god of Chaos who ‘sweeps away’ the world of men.  Image result for Apophis dragon

And lest fire get all the attention the diety of the ocean and all its power was attributed to Ryūjin, the sea dragon of Japanese mythology.   Image result for Ryūjin dragon

My drachen, it seems, may aspire to some rather lofty relations.


slipping through August

Today AJ and I went to check out an alternative school for him.  They were having a meet and greet at the local Sky Zone trampoline park.  He got to jump for a couple of hours while I spoke with teachers, parents, and other school people.  The school appeals to him, so tomorrow we will begin the enrollment process.  Would love to have him out of this school and into the new one by the end of the month.

Vegetables are coming in fast and furious in the garden now with the time quickly approaching for me to begin replacing summer crops with fall/winter varieties.  I am always excited to have new things available, but a little sad to see the growing days of summer come to a close.

There are still days of sunny visits to local farm markets… time to load in a few more batches of produce to put up before summer ends.

And  time to dream about stories to write.  With Khyr now well in hand (I expect to finish edits by the end of September) I will need to start thinking of what I want to write next.  So many choices…so little time.  Selkies. Dhampir. Dark Walkers. gean-cánach.   So many stories to tell…and still not sure which way to go.

Which hero will lead me to the most interesting possibilities?  We shall have to wait and see.


And so March left us and April swept into the Lowcountry.  Since my work this week has been entirely outdoors, it is a lovely thing indeed.  Sunshine, blue skies, and lovely temperatures in the 80s.  Perfect for working in the yard and garden.  For hauling mulch, potting flowers, stripping away the last vestiges of winter and embracing all that is new.

My wisteria is now in full bloom.  Beautiful purple flowers festoon the fences. Hang in pendulous bunches throughout the heavy green of the magnolia tree and add splashes of lilac along the roadsides and woodlands.

  Such a happy addition to spring.

Writing continues. The new chapter seems to be meshing well with the previous version and adds the hint of conflict and a bit more mystery to what has gone before in ages past and what may yet come to pass in this story.  Love it when a story comes together ❤

Daughter and I collected the last items we needed for our new ‘rabbit run’ tonight.  Hopefully this weekend we will be able to get it laid out and by next week the bunny will have a lovely new run so she can get outside and enjoy spring as much as the rest of us.

Hope your April is also off to a bright and brilliant beginning.

A fabulous Friday full of fun!

What a wonderful day… lots to do, chores.  Walked to the grocery store and got food for the weekend because tomorrow I get to go to see my Reesie’s musical “She Loves Me”  which is her first mainstage production as a professional stage manager. Can’t wait to see it.

Meanwhile, the weather is nice.  The weekend looks to be awesome and the writing is zipping along in spite of my minor melt downs  (it’s been too long, the edits will never end, the last book I ‘edited’ I destroyed, what if …what if… what if….) The typical  writer’s panic attack list.

AND… best of all… it is FRIDAY!  Which means not only the end of another long week, but another wonderful Fantasy Friday posting.  I have such fun finding the pictures to post here… I hope others enjoy them as well.


Fantasy Friday!

And I have been a very good girl today.  My crit partner sent me edits on those first 20 chapters and I have made all the corrections.  I also finished my edits on the next two chapters and will send those off soon. Next up some major rewrites on the next two chapters.  I do so love this part of editing.

It rained gently all day, so the plants got a good watering.  Tender plants are back indoors as temperatures will drop all weekend, but looking very happy for their days outside in the sunshine and rain.  In the front yard, my camellias have begun to open this week.  Pinks and red first, the bicolors will follow, and then the cream and white ones.  Waiting and hoping my tiny yellow camellia will bloom this spring.

And, since it is Fantasy Friday… I present another lovely picture.  All my life I have been fascinated with the ‘road less traveled’, with twisty roads to unknown places, and paths that lead ….where?  They inspire.  They open our minds and spirits to questions beyond what we know.  This is one of those places.

the path upward

Where does it take you?

Such a brief span of time…

…and so many changes!

The weather swung from our usually temperate Lowcountry winter to some chilly days and bitter night.  Had to cover my fig, baby yellow camellia, and lemon trees.  Now we have swung back to sunny skies, warming gradually, and no more blankets over the plants.

Challenges changed from me worrying about how much gas we were using…to my dd totaling the poor little Kia last night. She thankfully is fine except for a sprained wrist and a very swollen hand.  My much loved car will be using no more gas.  Kinda sad, and yet I see the balance in this change. More budget, less expense.  A new appreciation on the part of the teens for having a car at all since we are on foot for the next few weeks,  Both the exercise and the discipline will be good for them.

Changes in my work in progress (wip) as well.  A new conflict rears its head, a new (future) threat begins to reveal itself, and some dynamics in my little group are shifting.  Such fun tweaking and tightening and filling the details.

Best of all, my just-graduated from college (SUMA cum laude!) daughter surprised me with an unannounced visit tonight!  So wonderful to have her here even just for one day ❤  So we will make a Chick-fil-A run (she is gluten free and Chick fil A is one of our ‘safe’ places) and then home to work on our laptops, eat junk food, and maybe watch a movie or play games.

Life is good.

Welcome 2015

A new year…and to kick off the event, a new blog.  I still love my old blog over on Live Journal, but that one is filled with kiddie stories, the eccentricities of my rather boring everyday life, and the random gibberish that is ‘me’.  That being so, the powers that be (aka my Reesie, and my bestest buddies, and I) decided it was due time for a blog a bit more ‘centered’ and to that end, here it comes.

Be prepared for much tweaking as I struggle to make this place my own.  Also for random stories and musings about my beloved beach, gardening, landscaping, crafts, projects, pets and critters, and of course lots of discussion of my ‘writing life’. Also fantasy themes.  It can’t be avoided; I live and breathe my fantasies.

As of the beginning of this wonderful new year I am happily buried in the edits of my novel.  It is in its second round of edits… being read and slashed by the aformentioned crit partners.  Next up…deep breath…beta readers.  This is going to be one adventure filled twelve months and I am excited to begin.

This weekend I have to finish stripping the paint from my current ‘project’… a child’s rocking chair…it should already be completed but was waylaid by the holidays. Strip the last layer of paint this weekend, fill the gouges in the wood, sand it one last time and next week the painting will be completed. Thus far I have chosen the coral and turquoise for the little chair.      I shall have to go back and settle on the remaining colors.

I hope to add green, yellow, and purple yet.  A bright palette that will sing with the addition of simple free hand design patterns in contrasting colors… it will be as much fun to see as it is to create.

Started pouring over the seed and nursery catalogs today.  Tomorrow?  Some of the goodies I am considering for the gardens.  Here in the Lowcountry, spring gardening is fast upon us!

And after that…finding the perfect picture for Friday’s Fantasy post.  Cause you know a fantasy writer needs lots of lovely fantasy inspirations to play with.

As we go along, I hope to get to know all you lovely people out there.  If there is something you are interested in, gimme a holler.  It is going to be another amazing year.  Embrace the magic… and Dream.