Freaky fun Friday

I FORGOT my Fantasy Friday in all the excitement!  Well, that simply won’t do now will it?

I am still writing and/or editing   I honestly don’t think I could NOT do it.

Right now the part of Khyr’s story I am working on requires some major reworking of the demon/monster.  I redid the original creature last year… the first one was too troll-like for my preferences…but, in the course of transferring the book from Scrivener to Word, somehow those scenes were lost.  So now, I must recreate/create a new and, hopefully, better challenge for Khyr.

This is the current picture that gave me an idea of where the creature might ‘go’.  Not sure it will wind up being this pivotal mid-point monster…the more I look at it, the more I see another group of animals used in a different place…but he IS awesome, isn’t he?

Babirusa  by cowyeow


Another week…

another busy one.  Got to see my littles…I miss them so much.  Now clean like crazy all weekend so the house is ready on Monday.  Spud is doing his part.  Lawn needs mowed but it is too hot with these temperatures to stress the grass like that or I’ll just have a dead, yellow lawn the rest of the summer.  Waiting for rain.

And while we wait…. FANTASY FRIDAY is here!  This is a real place in Alaska, but it is the light through the trees and the mystery of the path that leads me on flights of fantasy.  Where does it lead you?

So much to do… so many dreams

I planned to work today.  They called me off.  Probably just as well, as I am up to my eyeballs in household chores and shopping and trying to remember where I left the working half of my brain.  AJ has proven, once again, that 15 is a good age for him  and has been nothing but helpful all week.

We had disappointments this week.  Hope.  And things gradually coming together for better or worse.

Fingers crossed and lots of prayers.

Edits continue at an accelerated pace as I really want to get this one out the door and move into the next story/stories.  Yes, like so many writers I have more books begun and waiting on me than I can count.  Well, no.  That would be some of my friends (Sheryl Hames Torres… I am looking at you!) I actually CAN count mine.  There are 5… if I include the completed very first one I wrote which someday I shall revisit when I am, hopefully, good enough to do that story justice).

For now… Friday draws to a close.  Babysitting the DJ tonight, thankfully he is asleep so I can get in a couple of hours of editing.  The rains this week have the garden looking wonderful and the lawn growing far too fast (it will need mowed again by Sunday)

This weekend I shall build a crib.  Pray for me, there is no Reesie here to keep me on track, LOL.  I also plan to paint bedroom doors.  I am tired of my sand and white house… well no… I like the sand color… I am bored with it being totally colorless.  I THOUGHT I would paint the doors something besides white.  White is so boring.  Also going to add some trim colors… particularly painting the paneling and the floor in the kitchen as well as some bookcases, etc.  Looking at adding more coral, aqua (a couple of paint lines call it beach glass…which I love), turquoise, plus the soft sand beige to keep it from overpowering this little beach house.  What do ya’ll think?

On to this week’s other visual fun… FANTASY FRIDAY!

This one was so lovely I couldn’t wait to share.    and here is a lovely place for her to play

Finally Friday

Yesterday was an adventure … Reesie’s tire on her little Miata blew out en route to her train to NYC.  Left the Miata at the gas station, daughter picked us up and we made the train station in time.  Whew.

Then I had to get her donut put on, drive over and get a new tire. Long day.

Today started a little more quietly…then Reesie called from NY …she needed shot record request put in with the health dept back in Ohio ASAP!  Long weekend.  EEEK!  and all that stuff 🙂  Got it done.

Work.  Which was AMAZING and fun and totally one of the the most gorgeous summer days imaginable.  Bright blue skies, golden sunshine and just the perfect small breeze from offshore.  We got loads of topsoil and plants and pots and worked in the gardens till almost 8:30!  Now I am dirty, happily tired, and have the house picked up, dishes done, AJ and critters all fed. Life is good.

Sooo… on to FANTASY FRIDAY!  finally heard from one of my beta readers that he is immensely enjoying reading about the wicked Queen ‘taking the measure’ of my man (Khyr)  He is so naughty he makes me laugh. Fingers crossed he likes the story and has good input on how I can make it even better.  (as opposed to “hide it under the bed and pray no one finds it”, LOL)

This reminds me of my ‘Lady of the Fire’  …

Fire Abide with Me - by a very talented artist from Japan. Kiyo Murakami

Flip flop Friday

A gorgeous Friday here in the Lowcountry.  Nice and warm (upper 80s) bright sunshine, wonderful breezes from offshore.  Long sunny hours at work. Lots of gardening and landscaping and hauling and cleaning.

The garden has tomatoes and peppers already, the potatoes are ready to be buried deeper. So far so good. Got my daylilies all in and the front bed looking nice.  It has been a good spring

And now…since we are worn to a frizzle from long days working outdoors… we will jump right to FANTASY FRIDAY!

Love this picture… how can it not make you smile with the wonder of other realms yet unexplored

Colors of Life....

Let’s go look!

A whatever kinda Friday

It began nicely enough.  Gorgeous Lowcountry morning, in spite of the weather howling about Tropical Storm Ana, we had sunshine and mid-80s, soft breezes and gentle spits of showers.  I worked in the yard, trimming back and cutting out scrub oaks and marsh oaks, checking on the hostas, and replanting the gazillion of those purple escapee flowers from the back flower bed.  They now encircle what is supposed to be the yard well but doesn’t run (a different rant, thanks)

I now have NEW INSURANCE!  Thank you Allstate.  After four DECADES of giving all our insurance to State Farm they chose NOT to pay the one and only wreck I EVER had.  Not even a big one, mind you. They had my cars, my kids, our life insurance, our home owners.  Shows the kind of respect they have for loyal customers.  I will take my business elsewhere.  All they want is to take your money and never. pay. a. dime.   Creeps.

I worked most of the day on the screen porch… yes, the ongoing saga of the great porch clean up continues.  This time I rearranged the tools.  Cleaned out two boxes.  Boxed up books and misc items for Goodwill.  Threw away many of the older yard toys (squirt guns, water sprinkler) and got the slip n slide ready for summer.

I know I did a zillion other things, but I can’t think of a one.

I did edit more…both mine and my beta reader’s.  Hers is due to her publisher in a week, so she gets the immediate attention.  😀

Now I am ready to get back to my fantasy world.  So let’s have our FANTASY FRIDAY photo…


Frantic Friday

Things have gotten even crazier as our week of house-sitting winds to an end.  They will be home today!  Reesie and I had to RACE through our morning to try to make everything as perfect for their return as we could. It is an act of love, and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Electrician was to arrive at 7am…so we were up early.  My car is in the shop needing brake repairs (head cylinder?  All I know is…expensive!  ouch!) and we still needed more topsoil to complete the flower bed we have been working on all week. So we had to go to Lowe’s and buy it just a bag at a time, load it into her teeeny Miata and bring it home.  Took three trips, but the bed was completed.  It is a long curve that begins at the patio, goes straight, forming a path between the rose bed along the back of the house, and this new perennial bed and then curving to invite the visitor to stroll into the yard itself where other plantings and settings await.

I lined the bed along the walkway with daylilies…. yellow, black, red, oranges, bicolors… so many different and beautiful plants.  In the center is a tall tower covered in clematis in burgundy and pale lavender.  The edge closest to the patio is lined with identical pale gold daylilies, then a stone paved pathway to the nook under the birch tree, and the bed resumes with a grouping of various perennials in lots of colors including carnations, dianthus, balloon flowers, and blanket flowers.  When we are finished planting it, this will be a gorgeous display of color.

We also tended Merrill’s vegetable garden, potted his white onion sets (they couldn’t wait any longer to go into the ground), and treated the roses.  A bright candy striped rose opened today…a fitting finale to our week.

At home, there is plenty of work to be done.  Some very long, busy days ahead of us getting the house cleaned and fixed up and our gardens in.  First up… a lawn mower!!!  And removing a lot of ‘stuff’ from the screen porch.

And to finish off this gorgeous, busy, frenetic and fun Friday… our weekly Fantasy photo…

Forest Portal