Dream a little dream…

A different day today…a different expression of what my life is all about…of what I aspire to. What I dream, for myself.

Today I was brave.

I hit ‘send’ on my laptop and sent a query for my epic fantasy off into the world. Scary stuff, that. So many hours, months, years invested in this story. So much love, tears, hope, doubt.

OMG! It’s like raising kids! lol

And after I hit the button, had my moment of panic, then a deep breath because wow! I did it! What next?  Ah, the decisions that pull at my writerly heart…which story is next?

I always have a couple going…sometimes more.  I need to get back to work on the follow up book for this one. Just in case, you know.

I want to finish the eco-punk fantasy I have been working on along with this one for the last year. It is about half written, which pushes it to the top of the list.  Git ‘er done.

Tonight, I gaze at the gorgeous moon. Revel in the moonlight and the scent of rain promised on the wind. I watch the bats dance above the street, sweet darlings of the air, nomming on all those pesky southern bugs.

Image result for south carolina bats in flight

And I am thankful.

For days such as this, nights so sweet, and the gift of words which fill my life with magic.

I am so blessed.

What are you thankful for?


Sliding into autumn…

September!  how the heck did it get to be SEPTEMBER already?  The days are already getting shorter and soon the ninnies…err powers that be…shall insist on depriving us of our lovely daylight savings time and once more all things will begin in darkness.

Most of my friends are running gleefully into fall.  I am hanging onto summer with fingers and toes, screaming:  NOOOO!  Don’t leave me!

Still the month holds much joy.  A trip to Long Island to see my beautiful daughter, amazing son (why do I have to keep adding the dang “in-law” part.. ) and their awesome little Squid. And my Reesie is there.  And Kris.  Going to be wonderful and Spud is going too.  Even better.

and KHYR’s edits are completed!  so Judah can have a read ….whenever he has time away from his post-grad novel… also fun!  And to celebrate,,, here is our FANTASY FRIDAY picture….

Love this one…

July slides by

,,, and I shall miss it!  So quickly come…and gone.

We found this gorgeous creature in our backyard.  She has an amazingly perfect web and sat and posed for her photograph.

Golden orb weaver…right next to the screen porch.  So beautiful.

More planting of flowers today.  Pentas, Mexican sage (which is a kind of salvia), found the most gorgeous phlox in a pale pale pinky lavender with white, and added more portulaca.  The raised vegetable planter is now a butterfly garden and they were already visiting it before I could even get the final plants in the soil.

Everyday miracles

It was another gorgeous day.  If that sounds repetitive…it is.  I am so blessed to live in a place I love and enjoy this much.  I love the sunshine.  The heat.  The sun.  The breeze off the ocean.  The sudden summer rains.  The long summer squalls.

I love wild masses of color from summer flowers and crepe myrtles, the whisper of the breeze in salt grass and pampas mounds.  The hawks that sit atop the posts and watch us below.  The mockingbirds with their myriad of stolen songs.  Peppers in the trees, and anoles on the house.  Everything is bright and blessed here this time of year.

No, we don’t have any money for a ‘vacation’ like normal folks do in the summer.  Someday I want to take AJ on a ‘real’ vacation… he was so young when his dad got sick and died, he doesn’t even remember ever having taken one…  but here we have our own little backyard vacation every day.  We have the ocean.  We have the Angel Oak, the cobbled streets of downtown Charleston, palm trees, and sailboats passing beneath the bridges.

Before he heads back to school we’ll go to the Battery.  We’ll walk around down town.  I’ll even save the money to take him someplace fun and “Carolina” for a special treat.  We will make the memories.

Life is too precious to miss just because you don’t have much.  Every moment we have is a miracle.

little blessings

such a blessed day… woke up to my Carolina wren singing praise to the morning on the back porch as his mate brought flight after flight of food to their babies. 

A dragonfly with an iridescent body the color of a midnight sky and shimmering wings stretched longer and wider than my hand as I carried it outdoors to freedom, then flitted joyously skyward.

Teens are at work. Parrot has had her shower and is preening. Dogs have had their runs and are snoozing. And I am happily immersed in my edits. Such a blessing to have wonderful beta readers to catch the flaws we no longer see 🙂

And today is Memorial Day and we are blessed by the sacrifice of those who have gone before, by the freedom they have ensured for us all, and the friends and loved ones with whom we share this day.

Happy Memorial Day, America.

Blessings large and small

Worked today! it was busy from beginning to end… my friend got me three beautiful new clematis to add to the yard.  Red, pink, and a purplish-blue.  I think I am going to trellis the pink up the post of the front porch where the daylilies will shade the roots, and the other two may go in a large pot (if I can find one) with a trellis so I can move it to the spot I eventually want it.  I would love to have it out front in the area where I hope to put in a proper birding area.  There is plenty of cover for the birds in the nearby azalea hedge,  and the live oak is an open latticework overhead.

The dear neighbor across from DeeDee, Mr. Carmine, made me a birdhouse and feeder combination and brought it over to give me.  Such a blessing… and now I have something to remember him by always.  It will be a wonderful centerpiece out there, and is perfect for my Carolina Wrens.  I have a wooden swing bird feeder to hang

and an ancient concrete bird bath. Future plans include a sunflower feeder and a suet feeder and eventually a small water garden up near the hedge or camellias with a bench (or…omg! a joggling board!)  I would be in heaven!

   I love joggling boards!

Then home and I made crab poppers and a vegie tray and tater tots.  Which was a lovely easy supper and sooo yummy.  I am blessed beyond measure.