The color of things…

Parked at the elementary school today, as usual, I enjoyed watching the waterfowl that frequent the fishing pond at the school. The usual company of Great White heron,  Great Blue heron, Anhinga, Terns, and White Ibis were joined by a new visitor.  A couple of Little Blue herons poked along the shore. So easy to miss, and so lovely to see in their gleaming coats of blue.

We have three bald eagles who live in the trees adjacent to the school: a mated pair, and a single adult we assume is one of their previous offspring.  Today a welcome new arrival at the pond as I saw a gorgeous adolescent perched on the fence still resplendent in its rich brown coat.

I hope the youngster sticks around the area as I would love to watch it grow up.

As it flew off into the trees, the White ibis came marching past, searching through the grass along the edge of the pond.  Their procession is a familiar sight, but today, a newcomer in their midst, the streaked brown incongruous among the pure white of the group.

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I’d never seen a juvenile at the school, as this group doesn’t nest near the pond, so it was a joy to behold strutting among them.

A wonderful continuation of the story of this small pond… the colors of things to come.

Wandering into November

A new month and the end of this crazy year draws nearer.  The marsh grass has faded to brown, and cooler water temperatures add a deeper blue to our usually greenish water.

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At the pond at the elementary school, waiting to pick up the littles, I saw a great blue heron stalking along the shore before it lifted in a low, lazy flight to the trees on the far bank.

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Alligators laze in the sun, soaking up the last, lingering warmth of summer.

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New birds have come to call, enjoying our still gentle temperatures and sunshine. Kinglets chatter. Golden crowned flitter through the wax myrtles and ruby crowned scurry amongst palmetto fronds.

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The kids and I have an abundance of park days coming in these short but pleasant days of November. Welcome back. Let’s have fun.

Finding Beauty

I am, by my very nature, someone who seeks ‘connection’ in the world around me. I revel in time spent swinging in the hammock swing under the ancient live oak in my backyard.  Staring at the leaves, noting how much the spanish moss has grown since I first ‘introduced’ it to the oak tree five years ago, listening to the vast array of bird songs.

I thrive on walks on the beach, the feel of warm sand under my bare feet, the scent of the ocean, unexpected treasures to be gathered, or moments of wonderment in the sea and coastal critters we share these beaches and tidal marshes with.  Endangered Wood storks have returned to the coast after a long absence.

And the easily missed, once common and now making a slow comeback, Sea-beach amaranth can be found if you know what you are looking for…and are open to the tiny humble details to be found in nature.

Today I didn’t go anywhere unusual. I puttered about the house and yard. As I was clearing small downed branches from the week’s storms I spotted this lovely hiding near the bushes.  An Island glass lizard, I see them every once in awhile about the yard and love seeing the tiny babies when they hatch in the summer.

Always something beautiful to see here.  The white azaleas are in bloom in the yard, saved by their later bloom time from the late season frost which decimated most of our early bloomers.  The camellias are still heavy in flowers and the wisteria has joined in.  By the time the magnolia blooms, it will be swathed in soft purple wisteria blossoms.

Everyday miracles.  Every day…wonder.




Ephemeral changes

Hard to believe how quickly things change… just days ago I was celebrating our new wren fledglings… today they left the nest and flew away.  I was blessed for one gossamer moment to hold one of the babies in my palm as I freed it from a long strand of nesting material that kept it from getting airborne.  Then it gave a little hop and was gone.  All the babies and their mom are now outside the porch where they began… chirping and flittering about in the heavy foliage of those big, ugly privets I always mean to remove and replace… but somehow never can because they are ‘needed’ for yet another season.

  not quite as sleek as they will grow up to be and still a little short on tail…but they FLEW… happy life little ones.

Blessings large and small

Worked today! it was busy from beginning to end… my friend got me three beautiful new clematis to add to the yard.  Red, pink, and a purplish-blue.  I think I am going to trellis the pink up the post of the front porch where the daylilies will shade the roots, and the other two may go in a large pot (if I can find one) with a trellis so I can move it to the spot I eventually want it.  I would love to have it out front in the area where I hope to put in a proper birding area.  There is plenty of cover for the birds in the nearby azalea hedge,  and the live oak is an open latticework overhead.

The dear neighbor across from DeeDee, Mr. Carmine, made me a birdhouse and feeder combination and brought it over to give me.  Such a blessing… and now I have something to remember him by always.  It will be a wonderful centerpiece out there, and is perfect for my Carolina Wrens.  I have a wooden swing bird feeder to hang

and an ancient concrete bird bath. Future plans include a sunflower feeder and a suet feeder and eventually a small water garden up near the hedge or camellias with a bench (or…omg! a joggling board!)  I would be in heaven!

   I love joggling boards!

Then home and I made crab poppers and a vegie tray and tater tots.  Which was a lovely easy supper and sooo yummy.  I am blessed beyond measure.