Fantasy Friday

Possibly not the kind of fantasy others expect me to indulge in…those usually involve warriors, weapons, water, and your occasional monster or two. Sometimes a bit of romance/sex just to keep things interesting ūüėČ

No, decidedly NOT suitable for YA. Which works for me.

But today, and tonight…actually for the majority of this entire week…my fantasies have been more decidedly domestic, a lot less fun, but terribly relevant just now.¬† I am missing our old house, the neighborhood, my gardens and the landscaping I loved.¬† I have discovered I cannot function when my nights never embrace the darkness; there is always some hideous street light or spot light denying the night and obstructing my view of the moon and stars.¬† I miss nightly strolls in the dark, just gathering my thoughts, organizing this wild clutter of rampant imagination, and centering my soul.

Where, then, can we go, me and my small troop of offspring?¬† The countryside may be well suited to this introverted earth mother, but my boys are more like David was…happier with sidewalks or biking/hiking trails, and civilization (at least parks) within reach.

Image result for cleveland metroparks hiking trails

Finding a compromise should be interesting.¬† I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, other more entertaining versions of fantasy (yes, the ‘other’ kind) are running rampant through my pages with the current focus remaining on dragons and eco-themed ships on both air and water.

FOILER: Båten har L-foiler
på sideskrog og T-foil på senterskrog.

steampunk airship 3d model fbx c4d 6


Think they are any match for a flight of dragons?

Image result for group of dragons in flight

This is way more fun than trying to imagine what kind of place we should call home next.

Yay! Fantasy.











Walking into Wednesday

Today started with an extra fun bonus… it was Walk Your Kids to School day. An effort to encourage our children (and a whole lot of parents from the looks of it) to get out of the car and get some fresh air and exercise.

We parked about a mile from the school and joined a group of other parents and kids headed for the elementary school. A few minutes in it was obvious I have raised a ‘real’ walker as he grew impatient with the casual strolling surrounding us. What is the point if you can’t stretch your legs and get some energy pumping?¬† Got to admit, he had a point.¬† After I dropped him at the school, I got to walk back alone…and minus the constraints of escorting the kids…I was off and power walking the way the kids and I have all their lives, even when they were in strollers.¬† I cut across to avoid trampling those enjoying a more leisurely pace,¬† got to enjoy the cool autumn air, see deer grazing in the cemetery, egrets wading the edge of the marsh, and celebrate the joy of just being alive.

Image result for cemetery with deer grazing

Afterwards, it was off to my friend’s house for a bit more landscaping…and rolling her huge room size oriental rug and carrying it outside, where it was unrolled for a good cleaning prior to her parents’ arrival for a visit.

The rest of the day sped past in a flurry of menial but unavoidable errands but tonight is warm, peaceful and quiet.  I finished it with a nice long walk under the full moon.

Life is good.

Shine on…

The first genuinely perfect spring day here in the Lowcountry! ¬†It was 80 here on the island, bright sunshine and just the sweetest breeze blowing inland from the beach. ¬†Everything smells of sun and sea. ¬†Birds of every variety singing joyously, even the plants rejoiced! ¬†My camellias, who have blessed me with daily blooms since December, went¬†crazy¬†with a wild, glorious profusion of flowers in this single moment of glorious spring weather. Reds, pinks, white, cream, and striped… all burst forth in a display unequaled with the long cold, dreary winter we’ve had this year.

In the yard, because the long-ago owners of this house were quite eclectic as to how and where they planted things, I have jonquils, narcissus, daffodils, and these lovely purple flowers I have yet to identify that pop up randomly in beds and lawn, and the huge red and white blooms of the amaryllis stuck against the wall of the house behind the azalea bushes. ¬†A joyous display for those with the time to stroll this big ol’ yard and just enjoy the randomness of it all.

Today was a walking day. ¬†To the bank, home, to the store, home, back up to the bank, back home…about 10 miles all told. ¬†By that last walk home my feet were protesting, so once I got past the big road I took them off and walked the rest of the way home barefoot. ¬†My tootsies were ever so grateful, the soft squish of turf and sand underfoot was a joy and a reminder that spring really is finally at hand…or foot, as the case may be. I rejoice in the return of flip flop weather. ¬†What could be more perfect?

Not that winter is through with us just yet. ¬†I hear there is another cold snap in a couple of days… but embracing these moments keeps it all in perspective. Winter¬†will pass. ¬†Spring is at hand.

Tonight I sat out in my bright turquoise lawn chair in front of my little house and listened to the night sounds, lifted my face to the warm wind blowing in from the sea, and stared into a clear star-flung sky with a soft full moon bathing all below in its gentle embrace. And life, my friends, is so very, very good.

New worlds to explore…

Leonard Nimoy passed away….the world is better for his having been here, less for his passing. ¬†Mr Spock was my first crush…I never cared about tthe Beatles or any of the bands or teen crushes…. he met a geeky girl’s heart and gave us a brighter hope for a time when our geekiness would be appreciated, even necessary.

I hope Big Bang Theory does a proper tribute… they would be the ones to really do it in a way he would love.

New worlds to explore, sir… you shall be missed in this one


In other less than noteworthy moments… the weather was fair and mild today. ¬†Walked the 14 yr old to the doctor for yet another stomach ailment. ¬†He is on so many meds for that already that even though the doctor and I both suspect it may just be the current stomach bug she is referring him to gastro-enterology for a workup. ¬†There has to be an underlying cause for all his tummy troubles and she suggested two in quick order: ¬†food allergies (he is and always has been lactose intolerant) and/or GSE (gluten sensitive enteropathy) ¬† Well, we sure know that one.

We walked back home, enjoying the pretty weather, pausing on the bridge to watch the tide going out and to discuss local oyster shoals we thought could be accessed on foot.  Stopped at the grocery store for yogurt  (doctor wants him to get extra probiotics),oj (just because we are out), and vegannaise.  A really lovely day.

My cellphone croaked this morning. ¬†It has been gradually dying for a year. ¬†I think it did well all things considered. ¬†Daughter is checking her old phone stash for a workable one she can give me ūüôā ¬†Kids can be so handy this way.

Called social security office to change my automatic deposit… was on hold for 83 minutes and then they hung up on me. ¬†Called back, waited an hour and15 minutes and they called me back and told me to go to the local office on Monday. ¬†ARGH! ¬†If I had a car to get to the local office would I have sat on hold for nearly an hour and a half!!!!

Speaking of cars… have a small plan in the making as to how I shall make up the amount needed to ‘get’ my little beater and not pillage my limited resources. ¬†By next weekend I should know. ¬†Then locate a suitable car, have someone who knows something ‘about’ cars check it out for me…and hallelujah!

Now on to the FUN that is FRIDAY!!!  Fantasy time!

Khyr’s story is coming along. ¬†By the end of next week he and his companions should be on their way to the West Coast. ¬†Mass quantities of research shall, again, be undertaken… as it was the first time I wrote these scenes. ¬† In honor of that here is one of the places I picture for this section of the story. ¬†Isn’t it amazing?

When it’s cold…

Another Friday…but much different than a week ago. ¬†Today, after a week of really lovely weather, it got freakin’ cold.

Now, I have to tell you, after half a lifetime trapped in the abyss that is ‘the heart of it all’ ¬†(Ohio), I have a strong dislike for anything even remotely cold. ¬†Fairly well anything below my body temperature is not welcome (yes, I prefer around ¬†90). ¬†This weather isn’t even warm. ¬† It is cold. ¬†Cold enough the squirrels stayed in their nests today. ¬†Cold enough I had zero desire to be outside in it. ¬†I knew I¬†had¬†to. ¬†There were errands to be run….or in my current carless state…walked.

Errands are almost all done.  And I am blissfully back  inside my warm little house with blankets and socks and sooooo thankful this is not Ohio!

It is, my dears, that time again. ¬†FANTASY FRIDAY is upon us. ¬†And while I spent the afternoon wishing I could go to my Crab Shack and eat rock shrimp till I couldn’t move… we are looking for a different kind of fantasy tonight. ¬†Posting pictures of my protagonists could be fun too…but alas… also not on tonight’s agenda (anyone wants them to come out to play some Friday, be sure to let me know. ¬†I am easy :D) ¬†Tonight I am searching for something ‘winter’ inspired but amazing. ¬†And here you have it… now there is a moon!

moon over snowf

What’s Up with Wednesday

For starters, it was a beautiful day.  The pink camellias are now taking center stage from the red.  The white and cream are loaded with buds and the promise of many more glorious days to come.  Glorious sunshine all day, followed by rains tonight. The squirrels are chasing each other through the trees, hinting at numerous litters of adorable kits later this spring. The Carolina wren has begun her annual visits to the screened back porch.  By early April there will be a nest on one of the rafters and fledglings before summer.

Writing is progressing wonderfully. ¬†Khyr’s story has slowed a bit, as I am uncertain of ‘where’ he is currently. ¬†He seems to be in a bit of a snit with me, but if I wait patiently and continue the journey without him…eventually he will reappear with tales of whatever grand side-adventure he was on for me to work back into the story.

Really, I’m not as crazy as it sounds. Characters do speak to the poor, merely human writers who offer their stories up in the printed word. ¬†And they can be remarkably stubborn at times as well.

On the other hand, the new story I just began this first of the month is speeding easily to the page…so far. Perhaps this protagonist does not yet know me well enough to be so tempermental…yet. ¬†Give him time.

My crit group continues to both surprise and shock me with their comments. ¬†I was told the new story reminded them of Gabaldon (which is an enormous compliment since this group, in the main, adores her series). ¬†And today was told I should consider renaming it “Fifty Shades of (main character)” … ¬†now¬†that¬†I never saw coming, LOL.

Next up…major walking as I have about 4 hours worth of walking between the bank, post office, school, and home again. ¬†If I don’t walk some weight off while I am waiting to be able to get a car… I don’t know what will, LOL.