Mixed blessings

we have looked forward to this day for a very very long month….and today was the day.  We got to see our Little A and LeeLee.  We got to hold, cuddle, play, talk.  AJ shared his 2DS with Little A and they laughed at old photos of David ….esp the ones where he was being silly ….and showing them his ‘big belly’  (the liver cancer made it look like a beachball) and they played games and laughed the way brothers do.

Lots of smiles.  Lots of joy.  They miss each other so much…

And then it was over…and my precious Little A threw himself in my arms and sobbed and sobbed and begged not to go.  It breaks your heart in ways that can never be mended.  And now… the wait until we can hold him once more.

But this afternoon, God hid my tears with His rain…it poured and poured.  As if the whole world was crying with us.  And somehow, it felt better.

So we will go on.  Till we meet again.  Till the waiting is over…and we don’t have to cry any more.