Saturday spectacular

Today was the day! I worked hard and fast all morning, and when my ride arrived we jumped in the car and headed for Reesie’s to see her Stage Manage her first professional production.  The drive is one of my favorites… miles and miles of  fast roads through the Francis Marion forests… tiny towns that are barely a cross road… tiny churches.  Love this drive.  When Reesie moves on to a new town I shall so miss these trips.

Her musical… She Loves Me… is the play on which You’ve Got Mail was based… so it was a fun and familiar story. I got to go up and see the Stage Manager’s booth.  WOW!  I never knew they were so big, with so much equipment, so many people…and her stage management book has to be over a foot thick!  And all you heard was a soft constant barrage of times till and cue this and what was going up, down…places… HOW she keeps track of it all amazes me.  Amazes them!  She is going to be wonderful in her new profession that she loves so much.  I could not be prouder.