Crafty Wednesday

So I have really been getting into the finishing of this rocking chair for the Squid.  Stripping is a ‘pita’….dear dog how can something so LITTLE take soooo long?!!!  I have some small jars (samplers…perfect size) of accent colors…and paint squares that I have taped to the chair to decide on the colors for the actual parts. Those colors will be finalized after I find the right fabric for the seat cushion.

I want a bright cheerful ocean print.  Preferably with a squid in it…but if not…no biggie! I will create and applique a squid over top of the background fabric.  The final paint colors will be taken from the fabric.  So far i have red, yellow, orange, purple, green, and turquoise.  Excited to get started painting.

While I am looking for the fabric so I can begin painting, I have other crafts under way. Another polyclay toad house and a candle holder (pillar size).  Looking forward to getting back to actual pottery.  I really miss that and just read a fine book on setting up the home pottery shed that makes it seem, somehow, so much more accessible. Hope returns.  😀