Dog days of Summer

and here we even have rabbit days, LOL!

The dogs mostly sleep.  A lot.  In the mornings they go out and lay in the sunshine before the heat rolls in like a blanket.  In the triple digits even the animals prefer the shade.  I water endlessly, never enough rain to counter the heat.  Bobbie Bunny has taken to escaping and leaving the safety of the house to stretch out under the wisteria in the deep, cool shade of the magnolia tree.  I admit, it is a lovely spot.  And well protected from aerial predators (we have hawks, eagles, and owls) but I would prefer she didn’t make these adventurous forays into the wild.  Thankfully the dogs do a fine job of guarding her, keeping vigil all around the wisteria which forms a sweeping dome under which she munches fresh clover and ‘chills’ in the shade.

Ah, the life of a spoiled house rabbit ❤