Monday Mania

What a crazy week lies ahead!  All week Reesie and I are ‘house and cat sitting’ while DeeDee and Merrill and family are in DisneyWorld.  We started Friday, and it has been busy, fun, and lots and lots of running because I basically have to ‘manage’ two households at once.

So each day I run home and feed the critters, make sure there is dinner for AJ, check on schoolwork, check on clothes, do dishes, pick up…. run back.

Tomorrow Lorien is flying in for a very very short visit.  Wed is yet another crazy day….more stressful than I even want to think about… with the potential to be wonderful and the likelihood of being depressing and hard.  Each day at DeeDee’s we sweep and vacuum and pickup and try to keep things looking as nice as possible with workmen coming in and out and so much of the house under construction.  The vacuuming and mopping will have to remain a daily thing, workmen tramp a lot of dirt into the house.

Blogs this week will be short due to the sheer hours spent busy with ‘life;…but I continue to write each day and work in DeeDee’s garden and yard.  Her roses are all coming into bloom.  Today a yellow joined the pinks, red, and white. The balloon flower will be ready to bloom soon also… it has nice fat buds.  Sully cat complains nightly about the disruption to his routine (aka Merrill and DeeDee being gone)  but is otherwise doing very well.  Love his pets and even his brushing.  Lots of purring here.  Life is good.