Making Waves…and other Wipe Outs

What a crazy, mixed up, roller coaster of a Friday!  Raining…apparently the LowCountry is going to float out to sea soon…but thankfully warmer than yesterday.  Had an important meeting this morning, a busy afternoon, and then moved out to my friends’ house tonight (after dogs, rabbit, parrot, and spawn were fed and tucked in for the night) to begin a week of house sitting.  On the way out the door with the griddle, dd dropped the grease trap..on my foot.  Ye gawds!  when is the last time those children cleaned the grease catcher?  RANK!  We ran off to the car… stopped at the nearest deep puddle…which didn’t require much looking since all the roads are full of standing water…and I rinsed the grease off the hem of my jeans, and also washed my hands.  Wheee ooooo!  I shall be posting signs regarding proper storage of the griddle from now on, LOL!

At the store, which was closing in just 10 minutes, we raced up and down the aisles grabbing the catfood for the kitty who comes with the house, a can opener, and some GF oreos for the dd.  Wipe Out came on the intercom.  I couldn’t help it.  I had to dance!  I shook my tush to that song when I was just a kid and I shook it as I danced up the rows of kitchenware looking for that can opener.  I am certain I mortified the girl child (although I caught her shaking her head and laughing…so maybe she is used to her crazy mother by now) but it was so much fun.  

Now I am headed for a nice shower and some clean clothes and then a couple of hours of writing.

Meanwhile here is our Fantasy Friday photo.  There was a lovely discussion of how the Dothraki language has followed in the footsteps of Quenya, Sindarin, Klingon, and Na’vi and become so popular people can now write and speak the language invented for Game of Thrones.  I know I learned Elvish because I was soooo in love with Tolkien’s worlds, and I thought the Na’vi language from Avatar was beautiful.  So this doesn’t surprise me, but the huge impact of one character who only existed for one book/season is a tribute to the world building that created the reality of the Dothraki and the character of Khal Drogo that remains with viewers and readers alike.  Thank you Drogo

Jason Momoa, Game of Thrones | A beast in the street and sweet in the sheets, the Dothraki warlord knows when to let his hair down.