What a fabulous Friday!

The Spring equinox!  A solar eclipse (even though we couldn’t see it here…bummer) and tonight a Super Moon to celebrate the arrival of Spring!  Now this is a day to remember.

Spent much of the day cleaning house with all the kids pitching in one way or another.  Then Reesie and I went and did half the grocery shopping for my 2 week menu of meals to see us through till next pay day.  Tomorrow we will finish the shopping and drive out to look at another potential ‘home’.

The nightmare of my budget remains.  God gives me a little ray of hope, enough to cling to in these dark hours.  And just when we take a deep (and oh so very thankful!) breath… the next catastrophe hits.  Maybe God is checking:  do you trust Me now?  how about now?  do you trust Me NOW?

I do.

I have to.  He’s all I have to hold onto.

We’ll get through.  We always do.

Tonight, as I was making supper another totally random moment.  This time a huge raven flew down into the azalea outside the open kitchen window and sat there… looking at me and making the strange croaking cry they often make.  We watched each other for a bit before he sailed up to sit in the oak tree.  Such fascinating birds. I enjoyed his visit.  I don’t believe they venture often here, but having grown up with both ravens and crows I know the difference.  Hope he returns again. I could use the enlightenment he symbolizes.

Tonight?  Editing and writing to be done on Khyr’s story.  Maybe a quick visit with Mathias as well.  So many stories…so little time.

It is quiet.  Perfect weather.  Dogs snoring.  Life is good.  May it be as lovely for you all.

FRIDAY FANTASY!  (did you think I’d forget?)  In honor of tonight’s gorgeous Super Moon

Moon lights the snow

What fun

It has been a couple of crazy busy days….but such fun.

Yesterday was DeeDee picking murals for the toddler bedroom….this lovely tree branchs with leaves and birds that stretched 2/3 the length of the wall!  Then another tree that came up from the floor and ended in all these gorgeous pink cherry blossom style flowers,  I loved making them and they bring such a fantasy, friendly forest feeling to the room.  The other side, appropriately enough, is Winnie the Pooh…so here we have created a little girl’s 100 Acre Woods 😀

Meriill got a new cabinet for his electronics…such an improvement over the very modern glass shelves previously used. They didn’t fit the ‘feel’ of his Man Cave… or the decor.  Plus they left all those ugly cords out in plain sight.  Downside to the new set up? taking everything apart, squeezing my butt back under the table and behind the cabinet, and thinking by any stretch of the imagination I could help figure out what went where!  LOL!  Still, he was very patient… no I said MSI2 not USB… and eventually… VOILA!  all things connected and … gasp! working!

Today was spagetti pizza (a lovely way to slide that spagetti squash right on past ’em) at our house.  And I brewed a big pitcher of sweet tea…which will last till tomorrow.  Big tea drinkers in this family.  No idea what tomorrow holds, but sure to be different.

I hope to finish taking the last of the pine mulch out to the back bed I am working on, so that, come the first of the month, I will be ready to plant it.  Also wandered over to Hyams and checked out the new plants.  Spring fever is fast upon me, fellow gardners.  So many plants.  So little time.