Finding Friday

Another week past…hard to believe almost the end of another month….another YEAR!  Where in bloody blue blazes did this one go?!

Considering that the phrase itself is a ‘stand in’ for hell…on second consideration that might not be sooooo far from true. Too much anger, too much sorrow, loss, pain, inhumanity in this year….all across our country and our world. Time passes so swiftly in these difficult times…and yet seems to drag on interminably.

For myself, I choose to hold tightly to the victories amongst the sorrow. The wee, small, quiet moments that assure me that life does indeed go on despite the vagaries of men.  My old dog snoring under my feet, as so long she has. Little A’s smile. Aleah and DJ playing in Peppa Pig’s dollhouse. Visiting the birds at the school. The song of the ocean, as it recalls God singing it into creation so very long ago.

The joys and sorrows friends have shared…that is beyond price.

The stories!  So many stories. Theirs. Mine. Ones we have read. What have you read this year?  What mark did it leave within you?

For now…my dear Khyr and his story are told. Upon the new year I shall edit and revise once more, with fresh eyes and an open heart…seeking to draw from those thousands of words the essence of what and who he is and the story he wishes to share.

And I have Truian to keep me company, so very different from Khyr. I never really imagined that world till now with its air ships and swift solar powered sailing ships, the steam-punk edge but without any of the grit and pollution….eco-punk?  I would love such a world.

He wants to be off sailing now. My heroes and their passion for water…yes indeed. I think I can encourage him to go for a swim yet before this year is over. Now there is a lovely fantasy.


Finally Friday

It has been a wild couple of weeks…so before we get to the best part of a Friday (fantasy of course) a quick update on all the goings on.  Long story short:  drove to Georgia, nabbed my best writer friend and her daughter, headed for New Orleans to meet up with another long-time writer friend and go to their writers’ group meeting. So much fun.  Great people, great time.

Before we came home, we went to Pas Christian beach and it was wonderful to see the ocean there. So many memories shared.

Image result for pass christian beach

Horrendous storms on the way back…think hour upon hour of torrential rains so heavy that cars were barely doing 25-30 on 70-75mph freeways.  Nonetheless, we all got home safely, and that is what really matters.

Related image

Now, back in the Lowcountry, autumn pounced upon us and I am less than thrilled to bid my beloved summer farewell and accept autumn’s chilly embrace. This too shall pass.

Meanwhile, there are books to be written and decisions to be made. NaNoWriMo hovers on the horizon, beckoning writers with the hope of many MANY words to be gained.

Image result for Nanowrimo

What to write?  I could, perhaps even should, try to finish up Truian’s story.   50K ought to do it.  And yet there is the lure of getting a good jump on Aedin’s story, the sequel to Khyr’s book.  And in the background Mathias and Ronyn are both begging to have their turn.  Decisions.  Decisions.



Intertidal Magic

My friend, Melodye Shore, is quite the Renaissance woman… a gifted writer, an amazing photographer, a friend to bees, hummingbird ‘whisperer’, and now a budding expert on the intertidal zone, tidal pools and their amazing inhabitants.

So imagine my delight tonight when, in my usual eclectic way, I was perusing all the weird and widely divergent things that amaze and delight me…and here was this fascinating article on a critter from her neck of the woods… the lovely Lined Shore Crab.

Shore Crab

Immediately I thought of Melodye…and how magical such small places as our tidal pools are…on her western shore or here on the shores of the Lowcountry, or in other countries around this tiny blue world of ours.  So much precious life.  So much we don’t yet understand.  So much magic to be lost if we don’t protect it fiercely.

I vote for magic.  The more we can find and share… the richer our world….and our lives….become.



What now?

I wanted to begin back to blogging here the first of this New Year.

Frankly I was too depressed and worried to have anything encouraging to offer.  It wasn’t just the sudden terror of the new administration…although that certainly was more than enough.  There was a lot of turmoil on the home front too.  Culminating in a court decision we never ‘saw’ coming and broke our hearts but not our spirits.  We go on.  We fight on.

Some things… these kids… this country… are too important to yield to sorrow and despair

So here we are.  February.  January and February are, traditionally, ‘winter’ here in the Lowcountry.  Not so much this year.  The camellias are in bloom.  The azaleas are beginning to open. The sun shines and it has been low to mid 70s almost every day. Can’t really complain about a ‘winter’ where you can happily play at the beach without needing sweats.

Writing continues.

THIS was my Christmas gift from my amazing kids.  A printed hardcopy of my manuscript!


I cried, LOL!

Edits on that one are almost completed and there are others in the works.  Always a story waiting to be told. And in these days… that is a bright star on a dark night indeed.


Finally Friday

Yesterday was an adventure … Reesie’s tire on her little Miata blew out en route to her train to NYC.  Left the Miata at the gas station, daughter picked us up and we made the train station in time.  Whew.

Then I had to get her donut put on, drive over and get a new tire. Long day.

Today started a little more quietly…then Reesie called from NY …she needed shot record request put in with the health dept back in Ohio ASAP!  Long weekend.  EEEK!  and all that stuff 🙂  Got it done.

Work.  Which was AMAZING and fun and totally one of the the most gorgeous summer days imaginable.  Bright blue skies, golden sunshine and just the perfect small breeze from offshore.  We got loads of topsoil and plants and pots and worked in the gardens till almost 8:30!  Now I am dirty, happily tired, and have the house picked up, dishes done, AJ and critters all fed. Life is good.

Sooo… on to FANTASY FRIDAY!  finally heard from one of my beta readers that he is immensely enjoying reading about the wicked Queen ‘taking the measure’ of my man (Khyr)  He is so naughty he makes me laugh. Fingers crossed he likes the story and has good input on how I can make it even better.  (as opposed to “hide it under the bed and pray no one finds it”, LOL)

This reminds me of my ‘Lady of the Fire’  …

Fire Abide with Me - by a very talented artist from Japan. Kiyo Murakami

Just another magic Monday

and the Lowcountry is blessed with sunshine for Presiden’t Day.  Not much happening here…without a car I can’t actually take the kids anywhere.  But teenage son was just happy to sleep in and spend the day playing his games.

Since I have nowhere to go, I spent some hours reading…a few cleaning house… and a LOT writing.  I love writing.  I love the flow, the feel, the worlds that spring from the page.  And when my writing day was done, there were edits for my Judah and his absolutely fascinating story he is writing for his master’s class.  Literary…but not.  And he has found his voice at last.  His love for this story shines through its dark themes.  That was such fun.

Also got to Skype with my Squid.  Who sang some songs for me.  Hid behind his hands a lot.  And said his favorite bedtime book was “the Oma book”  😀   I love that boy. “Goodnight Moon” has been passed on once more.

What’s Up with Wednesday

For starters, it was a beautiful day.  The pink camellias are now taking center stage from the red.  The white and cream are loaded with buds and the promise of many more glorious days to come.  Glorious sunshine all day, followed by rains tonight. The squirrels are chasing each other through the trees, hinting at numerous litters of adorable kits later this spring. The Carolina wren has begun her annual visits to the screened back porch.  By early April there will be a nest on one of the rafters and fledglings before summer.

Writing is progressing wonderfully.  Khyr’s story has slowed a bit, as I am uncertain of ‘where’ he is currently.  He seems to be in a bit of a snit with me, but if I wait patiently and continue the journey without him…eventually he will reappear with tales of whatever grand side-adventure he was on for me to work back into the story.

Really, I’m not as crazy as it sounds. Characters do speak to the poor, merely human writers who offer their stories up in the printed word.  And they can be remarkably stubborn at times as well.

On the other hand, the new story I just began this first of the month is speeding easily to the page…so far. Perhaps this protagonist does not yet know me well enough to be so tempermental…yet.  Give him time.

My crit group continues to both surprise and shock me with their comments.  I was told the new story reminded them of Gabaldon (which is an enormous compliment since this group, in the main, adores her series).  And today was told I should consider renaming it “Fifty Shades of (main character)” …  now that I never saw coming, LOL.

Next up…major walking as I have about 4 hours worth of walking between the bank, post office, school, and home again.  If I don’t walk some weight off while I am waiting to be able to get a car… I don’t know what will, LOL.

Welcome 2015

A new year…and to kick off the event, a new blog.  I still love my old blog over on Live Journal, but that one is filled with kiddie stories, the eccentricities of my rather boring everyday life, and the random gibberish that is ‘me’.  That being so, the powers that be (aka my Reesie, and my bestest buddies, and I) decided it was due time for a blog a bit more ‘centered’ and to that end, here it comes.

Be prepared for much tweaking as I struggle to make this place my own.  Also for random stories and musings about my beloved beach, gardening, landscaping, crafts, projects, pets and critters, and of course lots of discussion of my ‘writing life’. Also fantasy themes.  It can’t be avoided; I live and breathe my fantasies.

As of the beginning of this wonderful new year I am happily buried in the edits of my novel.  It is in its second round of edits… being read and slashed by the aformentioned crit partners.  Next up…deep breath…beta readers.  This is going to be one adventure filled twelve months and I am excited to begin.

This weekend I have to finish stripping the paint from my current ‘project’… a child’s rocking chair…it should already be completed but was waylaid by the holidays. Strip the last layer of paint this weekend, fill the gouges in the wood, sand it one last time and next week the painting will be completed. Thus far I have chosen the coral and turquoise for the little chair.      I shall have to go back and settle on the remaining colors.

I hope to add green, yellow, and purple yet.  A bright palette that will sing with the addition of simple free hand design patterns in contrasting colors… it will be as much fun to see as it is to create.

Started pouring over the seed and nursery catalogs today.  Tomorrow?  Some of the goodies I am considering for the gardens.  Here in the Lowcountry, spring gardening is fast upon us!

And after that…finding the perfect picture for Friday’s Fantasy post.  Cause you know a fantasy writer needs lots of lovely fantasy inspirations to play with.

As we go along, I hope to get to know all you lovely people out there.  If there is something you are interested in, gimme a holler.  It is going to be another amazing year.  Embrace the magic… and Dream.