MARCHing toward spring

And as we begin a new month, and look hopefully toward a new season, things here get more and more complicated.  Life is never dull.

Everything is in bloom now, it seems.  Azaleas in reds, pinks, corals, fuchsia, and white blaze across lawns.  Camellias are still in bloom and jasmine scents the air.  The dogwoods are in bloom, my pear tree’s abundance of tiny white flowers offers the promise of a bumper crop of fruit again this year.  The wisteria trail along fences, and wind through trees and shrubbery borders, spring bulbs have begun to open, and everywhere there is new green.

Beautiful yellow Sulphur butterflies were among the first arrivals and flit about the garden en mass now, along with small white butterflies and the first monarchs.

Lateral view of adult male cloudless sulphur, Phoebis sennae (Linnaeus), nectaring at smallfruit beggarticks, Bidens mitis.

Bumblebees are out on the warmer days, and I have seen some very small bees I haven’t identified yet that look like honeybees but perhaps half the size.  Anyone know what these new arrivals might be?

I have begun to see in my writing how my passion for nature colors settings: description of waves crashing against the shore, the scent of a salt marsh, details of plants and forests and landscapes…and beyond that, the way these environments influence the people and the story itself. It seems a very ‘natural’ thing to me for that connection to be present on the page just as it is present in our lives.

Then I look around and find that same connection in my pottery.  I love to create pottery. The feel of the clay,  opening to reveal the shape within.  Pots with flowers dancing down their curves,  imprints of seashells or coral, playing with natural firing techniques, finding a glaze that is exactly the right color to make a piece sing a song of the ocean, or forest, or a lovely spring day like today.

That flower child who became an earth mother seems to be finding that connection in all the things I choose to fill my life.  That is a blessing beyond measure.


Crafty Wednesday

So I have really been getting into the finishing of this rocking chair for the Squid.  Stripping is a ‘pita’….dear dog how can something so LITTLE take soooo long?!!!  I have some small jars (samplers…perfect size) of accent colors…and paint squares that I have taped to the chair to decide on the colors for the actual parts. Those colors will be finalized after I find the right fabric for the seat cushion.

I want a bright cheerful ocean print.  Preferably with a squid in it…but if not…no biggie! I will create and applique a squid over top of the background fabric.  The final paint colors will be taken from the fabric.  So far i have red, yellow, orange, purple, green, and turquoise.  Excited to get started painting.

While I am looking for the fabric so I can begin painting, I have other crafts under way. Another polyclay toad house and a candle holder (pillar size).  Looking forward to getting back to actual pottery.  I really miss that and just read a fine book on setting up the home pottery shed that makes it seem, somehow, so much more accessible. Hope returns.  😀