a little about me

Born in Galveston Texas, the eldest of four, we grew up first on the island, and later on a farm in Friendswood (which back then was outside Houston :D)  An active imagination was my best and most constant companion as I wandered the pastures, strolled the dirt back roads, and climbed the huge chinaberry trees.  I was never alone as long as I had my imagination.

An avid reader from the age of 4, my father started me off with the Encyclopedia Brittanica as my daily reading and, when I had read all of them, added Brittanica’s set on animals of the world.  No Disney princess here, I cut my fantasy teeth on Grimm’s fairy tales…where happily ever after wasn’t the reality.

I spent many happy hours at the library.  Wandering and discovering there was so much more than just what I learned in school.  More to learn. More to read.  More to explore.

I read Michener for fun, devoured Dumas, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and then… I found Tolkien.

Life was changed forever.

I am a Southern girl to the core of my being.  I give big hugs to pretty much anyone who is standing still, smile at folks I don’t know (yet), and try to have proper Southern hospitality and manners  (yes, I wait for people to cross the street, and I will let your car into the lane in front of me if you just wave and smile), and I always have sweet ice tea on hand.  I have grown from a flower-child to an earth mother…fascinated and passionate about the environment, ecology, and protecting and cherishing our world.

I rescue…pretty much anything I can.  I have rescued all manner of critters and am the proud ‘mom’ of two rescue pitbulls, a rescue rabbit and parrot.  If “the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man”… it is even more true for a woman.  My horses carried me through long, depressing years in the north where I could go shovel stalls and work things out while they offered a patient and uncomplaining audience to my frustrations.

I have children. Seven who are ‘mine’… two homemade, and five adopted. And so, so many more who at one time or another have blessed my life by calling me ‘mom’… foster kids, spare kids, friends of my other kids.  I love them all.

Galveston is marked on my soul.  I really think some people are just born to the ocean.  For us it is our life’s blood, the beating of our heart.  It fills and impassions us.  It is where I can hear the the voice of God as he sang the world into being.  I am never whole apart from it.


The Beach

I have lived on all four coasts…and each one has taught me something new.  Each one shares its dreams.

And… I write.  The little girl who told herself and the cattle stories grew up and one day I realized I needed something else to read.  Something I couldn’t seem to find in all the libraries and bookstores.  I needed another world, another hero.  If I couldn’t find what I wanted to read–maybe I could write it.

So I did.  And I do.  The adventure never ends.

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