October…how did that happen?

I have been missing in action here far too long. Why? Long story short…LIFE happened. And it all fell apart. Now, that may sound like a very bad thing, but the truth is that out of chaos a new beginning can be born.

We left our old home…the one so many of my posts have been about…and I miss my yard and my island sooo very much. We moved to a new home. In town. I am not a town person. Too many lights crowding out the night and the stars, too many sounds, too many people.  We will learn to adapt.

One of the idiosyncrasies of the new neighborhood was a total dearth of suitable internet providers.  Months before we found one at last… but now here I am, back with my blog and my writing group and slowly pulling things back together.

With the boys in schools out of this district I drive them to and from each day.  A chance to go back to my island at least for a brief moment each day. The new stars since school resumed have been the aerial acrobatics and diving skills of several gorgeous terns on the pond beside the elementary school.  Many hours spent thus far admiring them, beautiful in the air and amazing to watch as they hit the water and ascend with a fish.

Image result for sandwich tern

There are a few Sandwich Terns that are regulars to the pond.

terns diving for fish - Google Search

But this is what we enjoy most…watching the Common terns diving!

Tomorrow a new week begins.  The first week of a new month.  October! Autumn weather arrived with it today. I broke out the denim shirts and jeans.  Goodbye summer…. I miss you already.

And hello my friends.  Glad to find you here once more.



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