A new month…a new year…a new chapter

It has been almost a year since my last post…a hard, frightening, stress filled, joyous, crazy….and unending roller coaster of life.  I lost more than imaginable…not even including the part I can mention below.  And we hold onto hope.

I had my laptop…complete with all my mss…stolen on New Year’s Eve. That threw a huge wrench into that part of my life.  But at looong last, this spring things began to look up.  I have rewritten some of what was lost. I continue to move forward.

Now I’m back.

In the interim, while I was absent from here, we accomplished both a lot and not nearly enough.  My friends remained constant.  My family is strong.  We will survive this too.

I wrote.  The Call is complete through edits and awaiting finally advice from beta readers.  I have a new ms in the works.  It could not be more different from Khyr.

And life is good.

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