Wasn’t it wonderful

Such a lovely day… got up early, started straight to work on straightening the house a bit more.  Not too much needed done.  Walked dogs, fed rabbit and the parrot.  Searched fruitlessly for something I know has to be in one of the boxes… maybe I will find it tomorrow.

The morning flew past.  Home inspection went smoothly.  Then, finally, I crashed.  Yes, frightening as it is, I took a nap.

A looooong nap. THREE hours!  I barely sleep more than that in a whole night.

It was wonderful!

No plans for repeating this performance, but after weeks (months!) of stress and no sleep… it was perfect.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the biggest dang skink ever has moved INSIDE my screen porch door 🙂  and life is good.  May your day be touched with blessings.


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