So much to do… so many dreams

I planned to work today.  They called me off.  Probably just as well, as I am up to my eyeballs in household chores and shopping and trying to remember where I left the working half of my brain.  AJ has proven, once again, that 15 is a good age for him  and has been nothing but helpful all week.

We had disappointments this week.  Hope.  And things gradually coming together for better or worse.

Fingers crossed and lots of prayers.

Edits continue at an accelerated pace as I really want to get this one out the door and move into the next story/stories.  Yes, like so many writers I have more books begun and waiting on me than I can count.  Well, no.  That would be some of my friends (Sheryl Hames Torres… I am looking at you!) I actually CAN count mine.  There are 5… if I include the completed very first one I wrote which someday I shall revisit when I am, hopefully, good enough to do that story justice).

For now… Friday draws to a close.  Babysitting the DJ tonight, thankfully he is asleep so I can get in a couple of hours of editing.  The rains this week have the garden looking wonderful and the lawn growing far too fast (it will need mowed again by Sunday)

This weekend I shall build a crib.  Pray for me, there is no Reesie here to keep me on track, LOL.  I also plan to paint bedroom doors.  I am tired of my sand and white house… well no… I like the sand color… I am bored with it being totally colorless.  I THOUGHT I would paint the doors something besides white.  White is so boring.  Also going to add some trim colors… particularly painting the paneling and the floor in the kitchen as well as some bookcases, etc.  Looking at adding more coral, aqua (a couple of paint lines call it beach glass…which I love), turquoise, plus the soft sand beige to keep it from overpowering this little beach house.  What do ya’ll think?

On to this week’s other visual fun… FANTASY FRIDAY!

This one was so lovely I couldn’t wait to share.    and here is a lovely place for her to play


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