Looks like rain

… today didn’t go as planned.  Instead it rained.

Now here in the Lowcountry there is ‘rain’….as in the lovely summer showers which pour for 5 minutes and are gone, and then there is RAIN… which lasts for hours, pours like the someone pulled the stopper on heaven’s bathtub, and floods everything.

Yep.  Today was the latter.  It began overnight, which pleased me no end as my gardens were begging for water and I prefer nature handle that chore as often as possible.  Then it stayed.  And rained.  The streets filled…as streets here do when we have this kind of RAIN.  

Downtown flooded… it always does.  Sometimes worse than others.  At least folks down here know to just roll with it, and enjoy life in the Lowcountry.   

Unfortunately my planned and much anticipated appointment for this morning was also downtown.  And couldn’t get to me because of … oh yeah… the rain.  And the flooding.  And the closed roads.

You know.  The usual.

Maybe next week?  Hope it is sunny.


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