little blessings

such a blessed day… woke up to my Carolina wren singing praise to the morning on the back porch as his mate brought flight after flight of food to their babies. 

A dragonfly with an iridescent body the color of a midnight sky and shimmering wings stretched longer and wider than my hand as I carried it outdoors to freedom, then flitted joyously skyward.

Teens are at work. Parrot has had her shower and is preening. Dogs have had their runs and are snoozing. And I am happily immersed in my edits. Such a blessing to have wonderful beta readers to catch the flaws we no longer see 🙂

And today is Memorial Day and we are blessed by the sacrifice of those who have gone before, by the freedom they have ensured for us all, and the friends and loved ones with whom we share this day.

Happy Memorial Day, America.


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