Mother’s Day means… so much to do

Busy fun filled Mother’s Day… planted two of my clematis… a pink along the fence behind the vegie garden (the sage will shade the roots) and a red in a pot on the front porch to trellis up the porch post.

Repotted my balloon flower from last summer…it had totally filled its previous pot.

Planted my gardenia…after two years getting big and strong in a pot, it was time for it to go into the garden. Put it in the front bed where I removed the old azalea and where its perfume will mingle with the scent of jasmine to make a wonderful welcome to the front seating area and the front door.

Moved the pots of lantana… a temporary placement as I have not had them in this location before and need to see if they will get sufficient sun to do well. I adore lantana and there are none in this very old, established yard…which rather surprises me considering all the other things growing (so randomly) around this place.

Next up… back to work on the screen porch. I have moved all the bed frames out of there, filled a box for Goodwill, and emptied another. Hope to clear the table tonight. THEN… where on earth will the weight bench ‘fit’? Challenges at every turn!  But will be totally worth it once the porch is ready for summer fun.

THEN… for Mother’s Day my Reesie and I surprised D… while she was gone we snuck in and cleaned her bedroom. Fixed the bed, mopped the floors, washed walls and floorboards, dusted, put up balloons, a plaque she had bought but not hung that says “Love Lives Here”, and a streamer of pink flowers. Organized the toy box, cleaned and organized her closet, and gave her a new trash can with a pink liner for the bedroom.  Her little man isn’t old enough to really celebrate her being his mommy…. so we thought she deserved to know how much she is appreciated. So much fun!

Afterwards, Reesie took me to lunch at Chipotle.  Yum!  I tried their sofritas (tofu) and it was amazing!  Tofu and I have a love/hate relationship.  I want to cook with it, but the texture just doesn’t work for me.  This was the texture of good taco meat, spicy and chewy and totally rocking it!  I am so thrilled.

Now… back to work.  It has been just the most wonderful sunny, perfect May day in the Lowcountry and I am loving every minute of it.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, grandmas and loved ones out there.  You ROCK!


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