Ephemeral changes

Hard to believe how quickly things change… just days ago I was celebrating our new wren fledglings… today they left the nest and flew away.  I was blessed for one gossamer moment to hold one of the babies in my palm as I freed it from a long strand of nesting material that kept it from getting airborne.  Then it gave a little hop and was gone.  All the babies and their mom are now outside the porch where they began… chirping and flittering about in the heavy foliage of those big, ugly privets I always mean to remove and replace… but somehow never can because they are ‘needed’ for yet another season.

  not quite as sleek as they will grow up to be and still a little short on tail…but they FLEW… happy life little ones.

my magnificent magnolia….and other tales from the backyard

I have a magnolia tree.  Not too old, but old enough it towers above everything but the live oaks, beautifully pyramidal in form, deep glossy green and loaded with rust colored buds and huge creamy white flowers it is my showpiece.  I love this tree.  Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) flower   I wish I had a picture of the whole tree!

But these blossoms perfume the whole yard.  Heaven. 

And to make things even more amazing in the yard… I have hot banana peppers, baby white eggplants, big yellow bell peppers, tomatoes that are almost ripe, cucumbers going crazy…. and my FIG TREE is loaded down with baby figs.  So exciting.

In backyard news of the animal variety…. glass snakes! LOTS of them.  Looks like last year’s bumper crop of babies did well and now I have large, fat beautiful glass snakes in every part of the landscape.  Since they are actually legless lizards no one needs to freak out over their presence and it is so nice to see nature’s creatures enjoying the habitat I provide for them.  

little blessings

such a blessed day… woke up to my Carolina wren singing praise to the morning on the back porch as his mate brought flight after flight of food to their babies. 

A dragonfly with an iridescent body the color of a midnight sky and shimmering wings stretched longer and wider than my hand as I carried it outdoors to freedom, then flitted joyously skyward.

Teens are at work. Parrot has had her shower and is preening. Dogs have had their runs and are snoozing. And I am happily immersed in my edits. Such a blessing to have wonderful beta readers to catch the flaws we no longer see 🙂

And today is Memorial Day and we are blessed by the sacrifice of those who have gone before, by the freedom they have ensured for us all, and the friends and loved ones with whom we share this day.

Happy Memorial Day, America.

Finally Friday

Yesterday was an adventure … Reesie’s tire on her little Miata blew out en route to her train to NYC.  Left the Miata at the gas station, daughter picked us up and we made the train station in time.  Whew.

Then I had to get her donut put on, drive over and get a new tire. Long day.

Today started a little more quietly…then Reesie called from NY …she needed shot record request put in with the health dept back in Ohio ASAP!  Long weekend.  EEEK!  and all that stuff 🙂  Got it done.

Work.  Which was AMAZING and fun and totally one of the the most gorgeous summer days imaginable.  Bright blue skies, golden sunshine and just the perfect small breeze from offshore.  We got loads of topsoil and plants and pots and worked in the gardens till almost 8:30!  Now I am dirty, happily tired, and have the house picked up, dishes done, AJ and critters all fed. Life is good.

Sooo… on to FANTASY FRIDAY!  finally heard from one of my beta readers that he is immensely enjoying reading about the wicked Queen ‘taking the measure’ of my man (Khyr)  He is so naughty he makes me laugh. Fingers crossed he likes the story and has good input on how I can make it even better.  (as opposed to “hide it under the bed and pray no one finds it”, LOL)

This reminds me of my ‘Lady of the Fire’  …

Fire Abide with Me - by a very talented artist from Japan. Kiyo Murakami

One last day

Tomorrow my Reesie heads off to New York and her amazing summer job.  Today was spent racing like crazy people trying to pull together the final things for camp.  Some ‘blacks’  (she is a stage manager in the theatre at the camp and they told her not to bring her ‘good’ blacks to camp) from Goodwill.  Plus a pair of shorts and a couple of adorable plaid cotton camp shirts.  We got the last of her snacks for the long train ride.  We wanted to spend one last day on the beach…but it decided to thunder storm instead. :s  Packed her bags.  Tried in vain to find a wall charger for her camera but did succeed in finding a $2 cord for her iPod.

We talked (a lot), drove around (a LOT), and ended with a quick and very late supper at our favorite Crab Shack.  I am going to miss her so much but can not be more thrilled about this big step into her adult career and life.

Life is good.

More from the garden

Reesie and I had one last busy but beautiful day at ‘work’ putting in flower beds, caring for the vegetable garden, ripping out old pine straw from last winter and replacing it with mulch and topsoil and new flowers in sooo many varieties and colors.  It was wonderful and it felt good to get in a lot of hours in the southern sunshine doing something I love so much.

Back home we continued preparations for Reesie going off to her job the end of the week.  Tomorrow she has her physical for camp and I have the final meeting to set up AJ’s school schedule for next year.  A sophomore!  How do they keep growing up when I don’t feel a day older than I did when he was born?

The wrens have two nests out on the screen porch…I am thinking one of last year’s brood has returned with Mama to build her own nest. Sweet.

This is going to be a summer full of miracles

Flip flop Friday

A gorgeous Friday here in the Lowcountry.  Nice and warm (upper 80s) bright sunshine, wonderful breezes from offshore.  Long sunny hours at work. Lots of gardening and landscaping and hauling and cleaning.

The garden has tomatoes and peppers already, the potatoes are ready to be buried deeper. So far so good. Got my daylilies all in and the front bed looking nice.  It has been a good spring

And now…since we are worn to a frizzle from long days working outdoors… we will jump right to FANTASY FRIDAY!

Love this picture… how can it not make you smile with the wonder of other realms yet unexplored

Colors of Life....

Let’s go look!

New beginnings

the little Carolina wren who nested in my screen porch rafters last year has a new nest in the same spot this year… looking (actually more like listening) forward to those little peepers.  The nest is a rather untidy affair with loose twigs, grass, and other material rather randomly piled into a corner. Still it works for her.

The bird feeder seems a success in its new location under the live oak out front.  It is emptied by the birds every other day and so far no squirrels trying to jump into it.  No nesting interest in my new birdhouse…but then it came a little late for the first nesters this spring.  Maybe later ones will find it.

Mother’s Day means… so much to do

Busy fun filled Mother’s Day… planted two of my clematis… a pink along the fence behind the vegie garden (the sage will shade the roots) and a red in a pot on the front porch to trellis up the porch post.

Repotted my balloon flower from last summer…it had totally filled its previous pot.

Planted my gardenia…after two years getting big and strong in a pot, it was time for it to go into the garden. Put it in the front bed where I removed the old azalea and where its perfume will mingle with the scent of jasmine to make a wonderful welcome to the front seating area and the front door.

Moved the pots of lantana… a temporary placement as I have not had them in this location before and need to see if they will get sufficient sun to do well. I adore lantana and there are none in this very old, established yard…which rather surprises me considering all the other things growing (so randomly) around this place.

Next up… back to work on the screen porch. I have moved all the bed frames out of there, filled a box for Goodwill, and emptied another. Hope to clear the table tonight. THEN… where on earth will the weight bench ‘fit’? Challenges at every turn!  But will be totally worth it once the porch is ready for summer fun.

THEN… for Mother’s Day my Reesie and I surprised D… while she was gone we snuck in and cleaned her bedroom. Fixed the bed, mopped the floors, washed walls and floorboards, dusted, put up balloons, a plaque she had bought but not hung that says “Love Lives Here”, and a streamer of pink flowers. Organized the toy box, cleaned and organized her closet, and gave her a new trash can with a pink liner for the bedroom.  Her little man isn’t old enough to really celebrate her being his mommy…. so we thought she deserved to know how much she is appreciated. So much fun!

Afterwards, Reesie took me to lunch at Chipotle.  Yum!  I tried their sofritas (tofu) and it was amazing!  Tofu and I have a love/hate relationship.  I want to cook with it, but the texture just doesn’t work for me.  This was the texture of good taco meat, spicy and chewy and totally rocking it!  I am so thrilled.

Now… back to work.  It has been just the most wonderful sunny, perfect May day in the Lowcountry and I am loving every minute of it.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, grandmas and loved ones out there.  You ROCK!

A whatever kinda Friday

It began nicely enough.  Gorgeous Lowcountry morning, in spite of the weather howling about Tropical Storm Ana, we had sunshine and mid-80s, soft breezes and gentle spits of showers.  I worked in the yard, trimming back and cutting out scrub oaks and marsh oaks, checking on the hostas, and replanting the gazillion of those purple escapee flowers from the back flower bed.  They now encircle what is supposed to be the yard well but doesn’t run (a different rant, thanks)

I now have NEW INSURANCE!  Thank you Allstate.  After four DECADES of giving all our insurance to State Farm they chose NOT to pay the one and only wreck I EVER had.  Not even a big one, mind you. They had my cars, my kids, our life insurance, our home owners.  Shows the kind of respect they have for loyal customers.  I will take my business elsewhere.  All they want is to take your money and never. pay. a. dime.   Creeps.

I worked most of the day on the screen porch… yes, the ongoing saga of the great porch clean up continues.  This time I rearranged the tools.  Cleaned out two boxes.  Boxed up books and misc items for Goodwill.  Threw away many of the older yard toys (squirt guns, water sprinkler) and got the slip n slide ready for summer.

I know I did a zillion other things, but I can’t think of a one.

I did edit more…both mine and my beta reader’s.  Hers is due to her publisher in a week, so she gets the immediate attention.  😀

Now I am ready to get back to my fantasy world.  So let’s have our FANTASY FRIDAY photo…