Is it still only Thursday?

It has felt a day either ahead or behind itself all week and now, nearing the end of this very long, very busy, every emotion squeezed beyond the endurance of that final nerve… it is still Thursday.  😀

The week began gorgeous, sunny.  Very Lowcountry spring.  Then the rains came.  Also very typically Lowcountry spring.  Today however… today began very not Lowcountry spring.  Instead it was cold.   Okay, not mind numbing cold like those of you in the North must endure…but too cold for this Southern girl.  Cold enough to require a sweatshirt and jeans.  (still…not worthy of wearing anything but flip flops)  This too shall pass.  Soon, I hope.

I got groceries. Paid bills…including everyone’s life insurance. Amazing the things I never knew to pay when hubby was here to keep track of such things.  I suspect it would be wise to invest in a ledger, but every time I have gone looking for one simple enough for me to negotiate I haven’t been able to find even a complicated one.  No doubt if I actually ‘desired’ this additional drudgery, I would persevere until I found said ledger.  I am really not very motivated to be organized, unfortunately.  Somehow it feels like another tether binding me to a boring adult reality I really would prefer not to acknowledge.

Next week I shall try once more.  I’m not promising anything.


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