Misty, Moisty Monday

Didn’t it rain, children!  Rain all night long!  Didn’t it? Didn’t it?

Love that old gospel song, and boy! does it match last night… by this morning I was looking for the ark 😀

It began as a soft, misty Spring rain, settled into a gentle, steady rain, and somewhere around midnight the bottom of the sky dropped out. It poured. Torrential, ground soaking, street flooding (actually even a little rain can flood streets here in the Lowcountry…so strike that, lol), can’t see through the silver curtains RAIN!  Got up this morning to find the entire street beside my house overflowing half way up my drive, and the 15 gallon trash can the kids left outside full to the top and running over.

Gotta love the Lowcountry.  We don’t do anything half way.

Today? a little overcast, but very pretty.  A gentle breeze off the ocean.  Everything bright and clean from the rain.

Worked hard all day, both inside and out, and feeling good about everything accomplished.  Tomorrow we do it again.


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