Lovin’ the Lowcountry

Today the daughter and I went to downtown Charleston and reveled once more in the small, cobbled backstreets, the beautiful old buildings, palm trees, green courtyards, wide porches, and smiling faces.  Yep, the logo is right:  Beautiful places, smiling faces.  We tried out a new (to us) place to eat as it ranked high (#2!) on daughter’s celiac-friendly list.  The Brown Dog Deli was adorable.  A quaint little eatery tucked into one of the myriad old Broad Street buildings, with a wooden floor, cozy tables, wooden booths, and a tiny courtyard out back.  It was cold inside, so we took our food out to the sunny courtyard.  Just lovely.  And yummy!

We drove out to Folly Beach, enjoying the sound of the gulls, the smell of the pluff mud as the tide went out, the boats rocking on the waves.  We took a long stroll up the beach and smiled at the tourists splashing joyfully in the still frigid surf.  Nope.  Not these Southern girls.  We waded up to our ankles when a wave reached us as we walked, that was the full extent of our venturing into the ocean.  Brrrr.  Collected lots of lovely bits of coral which I added to the bowl, and one larger piece for the table near the front door where we keep all the ‘treasures’ from countless visits.

Another gorgeous spring day here in the Lowcountry.  May every day be so blessed.


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