finally Friday!

…. and so much to do!  We worked, of course.  Stripped pine mulch back so budding plants can enjoy the Spring sunshine.  Emptied pots to make way for new plants.  Sorted new plants by color for filling those pots in the next few days.  Enjoyed the company of sunning anoles, birds, squirrels, and…. yes the weirdness continues… yet more crows.  Crows and/or ravens seem to be everywhere I go of late.  Rather odd.

Tonight we did some quick shopping for Easter.  Tomorrow we lay in groceries and get some house work done around here.

Spring fever has me fully in its grasp as I jot notes on all the household repairs I dream of making in the next few months, the plants I want for yard and garden, two or three things to make the coming spring/summer more fun for the kids (a new trampoline, a fun swing of some kind to replace the aged and worn out hammock swing under the live oak tree, a basketball hoop for my teenager)  Among the plants I want to add to the yard in a beautiful weeping tree for daughter, Reesie.  She has wanted one for years…but just the ‘right’ one… a tree not only beautiful but popular with birds, and loved by bees and butterflies.  We have one chosen at last…now I just have to find one at the local nursery and it will be our ‘spring treat’.

A ‘weeping’ version of the Golden Rain Tree….

  gorgeous isn’t it?

The dogs are also reveling in the return of long days and warm sunshine…laying for hours stretched in their favorite sandy spot near the gate.


And as today is Friday… time for our Fantasy Friday photo.

We needed something….springish 🙂  Hope it enchants.

the garden path


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