Enjoying the Lowcountry weather

Gorgeous today…sunny and mild, with just the sweetest little breeze.  And having my car back from the brake shop, we took full advantage of the day (and the hatchback, LOL)  First a run to the bank, a few bills to pay, a post office run… then stopped at Lowe’s for the topsoil and peat for the garden.

Went to lunch with Reesie, then across to Hyams Nursery where we got a wonderful purple cherry heirloom tomato,

heirloom pepper, and cucumbers.  Got seeds for, you guessed it, heirloom carrots and lettuce.  At home, we dug out the remaining kale from last year, cleaned out the raised pallet garden, and refilled it with compost in the bottom level and fresh soil mixture for the top layer.  Discovered the potatoes I planted last week in a pot have lovely leafs now.

Tomorrow I need to mow, and we will try to find enough pots for the remaining tomatoes, radishes, and lettuce.  Hopefully the growing bags for potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots will arrive this weekend.  Need to run out to Sea Island Savory Herbs this weekend to fill in my herb bed also.  The sage wintered over and is spreading out of its cinder block planter.  Rosemary is a little worse for wear but will be full again this summer.  I need new hot oregano, white sage, cilantro, hyssop, and tarragon.

I do so love working in the earth.  Happy gardening all!

what now?

It is Monday…again.  Not sure how that happens so often 😉  The weekend was lovely, if hectic.  The car is still  in the shop (seems Hyundai is rather sloppy about getting and shipping parts)  So we are managing all of our trips in the Miata… which just has to make ya smile.

No garden supplies or soil till we get my car back, but we did stop and nab some tiny tomato plants… heirloom, of course… and decided to try out hand at white eggplant.  Found lovely Japanese heirloom variety with smaller egg shaped fruit… very excited to see how long before they up and kicking out pretty white eggplants for the table.

Got morning glory seeds to start… we really wanted some interesting striped ones I’d seen, but this is a pretty heirloom mix of colors and will look nice trellised up the porch pole.

Looks like lots of gardening to be done this week.  Won’t that be fun!!!

Spring is such a treasure.

Frantic Friday

Things have gotten even crazier as our week of house-sitting winds to an end.  They will be home today!  Reesie and I had to RACE through our morning to try to make everything as perfect for their return as we could. It is an act of love, and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Electrician was to arrive at 7am…so we were up early.  My car is in the shop needing brake repairs (head cylinder?  All I know is…expensive!  ouch!) and we still needed more topsoil to complete the flower bed we have been working on all week. So we had to go to Lowe’s and buy it just a bag at a time, load it into her teeeny Miata and bring it home.  Took three trips, but the bed was completed.  It is a long curve that begins at the patio, goes straight, forming a path between the rose bed along the back of the house, and this new perennial bed and then curving to invite the visitor to stroll into the yard itself where other plantings and settings await.

I lined the bed along the walkway with daylilies…. yellow, black, red, oranges, bicolors… so many different and beautiful plants.  In the center is a tall tower covered in clematis in burgundy and pale lavender.  The edge closest to the patio is lined with identical pale gold daylilies, then a stone paved pathway to the nook under the birch tree, and the bed resumes with a grouping of various perennials in lots of colors including carnations, dianthus, balloon flowers, and blanket flowers.  When we are finished planting it, this will be a gorgeous display of color.

We also tended Merrill’s vegetable garden, potted his white onion sets (they couldn’t wait any longer to go into the ground), and treated the roses.  A bright candy striped rose opened today…a fitting finale to our week.

At home, there is plenty of work to be done.  Some very long, busy days ahead of us getting the house cleaned and fixed up and our gardens in.  First up… a lawn mower!!!  And removing a lot of ‘stuff’ from the screen porch.

And to finish off this gorgeous, busy, frenetic and fun Friday… our weekly Fantasy photo…

Forest Portal

Sometimes you’re up…

…sometimes you’re down.  This has been both.

LOVE having Lorien here.  So wonderful to see her and visit with her.

Down….because nothing has worked the way it should have, and the sorrow of not having this all resolved burdens the heart and soul.  We will carry on.  We will continue to fight to make things right.  But it is hard; stressful in ways I can’t express, and so very, very sad.

After things were done, we took Lorien to the airport and she flew back to NY.  I miss her already, but having her here makes me smile.  And there is a blessing in that.

Making Waves…and other Wipe Outs

What a crazy, mixed up, roller coaster of a Friday!  Raining…apparently the LowCountry is going to float out to sea soon…but thankfully warmer than yesterday.  Had an important meeting this morning, a busy afternoon, and then moved out to my friends’ house tonight (after dogs, rabbit, parrot, and spawn were fed and tucked in for the night) to begin a week of house sitting.  On the way out the door with the griddle, dd dropped the grease trap..on my foot.  Ye gawds!  when is the last time those children cleaned the grease catcher?  RANK!  We ran off to the car… stopped at the nearest deep puddle…which didn’t require much looking since all the roads are full of standing water…and I rinsed the grease off the hem of my jeans, and also washed my hands.  Wheee ooooo!  I shall be posting signs regarding proper storage of the griddle from now on, LOL!

At the store, which was closing in just 10 minutes, we raced up and down the aisles grabbing the catfood for the kitty who comes with the house, a can opener, and some GF oreos for the dd.  Wipe Out came on the intercom.  I couldn’t help it.  I had to dance!  I shook my tush to that song when I was just a kid and I shook it as I danced up the rows of kitchenware looking for that can opener.  I am certain I mortified the girl child (although I caught her shaking her head and laughing…so maybe she is used to her crazy mother by now) but it was so much fun.  

Now I am headed for a nice shower and some clean clothes and then a couple of hours of writing.

Meanwhile here is our Fantasy Friday photo.  There was a lovely discussion of how the Dothraki language has followed in the footsteps of Quenya, Sindarin, Klingon, and Na’vi and become so popular people can now write and speak the language invented for Game of Thrones.  I know I learned Elvish because I was soooo in love with Tolkien’s worlds, and I thought the Na’vi language from Avatar was beautiful.  So this doesn’t surprise me, but the huge impact of one character who only existed for one book/season is a tribute to the world building that created the reality of the Dothraki and the character of Khal Drogo that remains with viewers and readers alike.  Thank you Drogo

Jason Momoa, Game of Thrones | A beast in the street and sweet in the sheets, the Dothraki warlord knows when to let his hair down.

Is it still only Thursday?

It has felt a day either ahead or behind itself all week and now, nearing the end of this very long, very busy, every emotion squeezed beyond the endurance of that final nerve… it is still Thursday.  😀

The week began gorgeous, sunny.  Very Lowcountry spring.  Then the rains came.  Also very typically Lowcountry spring.  Today however… today began very not Lowcountry spring.  Instead it was cold.   Okay, not mind numbing cold like those of you in the North must endure…but too cold for this Southern girl.  Cold enough to require a sweatshirt and jeans.  (still…not worthy of wearing anything but flip flops)  This too shall pass.  Soon, I hope.

I got groceries. Paid bills…including everyone’s life insurance. Amazing the things I never knew to pay when hubby was here to keep track of such things.  I suspect it would be wise to invest in a ledger, but every time I have gone looking for one simple enough for me to negotiate I haven’t been able to find even a complicated one.  No doubt if I actually ‘desired’ this additional drudgery, I would persevere until I found said ledger.  I am really not very motivated to be organized, unfortunately.  Somehow it feels like another tether binding me to a boring adult reality I really would prefer not to acknowledge.

Next week I shall try once more.  I’m not promising anything.

The Wet Side of Wednesday

Still raining here in the Lowcountry.  Gentle rain. Spotty rain.  Drizzle.  Downpour.  If it involved water from heaven, we tried it all out today.

All in all, however, it was another lovely spring day.  More and more flowers opening.  Huge scarlet camellia blossoms drifting to the ground as the rain washed them free.  It is the end of their many weeks of blooming now, and even as their glory wanes they paint lawns and fences with bright patches of soft color.  Iris are in bloom.  Dogwoods.  Something new each and every day.  Potted a new peony and a yellow rose today and planted sunflowers.

What I need is a lawn mower.  Of course with the rain I can’t actually mow but by the time the rains end this weekend my grass will be knee deep.  You could lose a small dog in there… fortunately I have big dogs…they can mow their own paths.  Not that they necessarily will,  big does not actually equal tough… case in point, our (not) very brave Pitbull, Red.  Red is big, even for a pittie.  Over 100 lbs and solid.  He looks like a tough dog.  Then we came home with the Christmas giraffe last night 😀

A friend gave us a 6 or 7 ft tall toy giraffe that lights up and has a scarf and Santa hat (they are moving and he just wouldn’t fit, lol)  Reesie carried the giraffe to the screen porch not knowing the dogs were out for a run.  Of course, she is shorter than the solid bottom half of the porch door and the giraffe much taller… all Red sees coming is the giraffe’s head.  And he freaks!  Barking and growling, and bouncing backwards like a Chihuahua seeing its first frog.  By now we are laughing hysterically and the dog is having a meltdown as the giraffe peeks in one window after another.  Red is retreating toward the house when Reesie opens the porch door and ‘walks’ the giraffe inside. We thought poor Red would have apoplexy!  Hackles up and can’t find a big enough place for his strategic retreat and won’t turn and run cause heaven knows what might happen if he took his eyes off this strange alien creature.

Giraffe is now temporarily living behind Red’s favorite sleeping spot on the sofa.  They have come to a wary truce, although periodically today he had to growl at the giraffe just to remind it who the brave dog guarding this house really is.  Image result for red nose pitbull

Misty, Moisty Monday

Didn’t it rain, children!  Rain all night long!  Didn’t it? Didn’t it?

Love that old gospel song, and boy! does it match last night… by this morning I was looking for the ark 😀

It began as a soft, misty Spring rain, settled into a gentle, steady rain, and somewhere around midnight the bottom of the sky dropped out. It poured. Torrential, ground soaking, street flooding (actually even a little rain can flood streets here in the Lowcountry…so strike that, lol), can’t see through the silver curtains RAIN!  Got up this morning to find the entire street beside my house overflowing half way up my drive, and the 15 gallon trash can the kids left outside full to the top and running over.

Gotta love the Lowcountry.  We don’t do anything half way.

Today? a little overcast, but very pretty.  A gentle breeze off the ocean.  Everything bright and clean from the rain.

Worked hard all day, both inside and out, and feeling good about everything accomplished.  Tomorrow we do it again.

Bring it on…

It has been a fabulous Friday here in the Lowcountry.  Work…was fun and productive, filled with friendship, laughter, and getting things done.  Spring is certainly well into its ‘middle’, but my camellias continue to bloom.  Less prolifically now, but still beautiful with their bright colors and soft petals.  The azaleas are also winding down their show.  Early bloomer are all but spent, but the late ones are in full color.  This week the tricolor azalea in the backyard…which occupies an ‘odd’ placement just standing alone and without any reason or plan we can find…burst into bloom.  Red, pink, and white ALL at once in one gorgeous display.  The wisteria is still blooming, but as it fades the magnolia will soon take over.

I added a wild carolina clematis along the fence next to the Kickin’ Chicken neighbors 🙂  If it lives up to its heritage it will cover the fence in a couple of years.  Spotted a bright coral lawn chair to add to the two turquoise ones in front of the house.  While DeeDee and I were picking up paint chips for her kitchen, dining room, and hall I took several home with me as well.  It will take a few years (fixed incomes are notoriously angsty about home improvement, lol) but one by one I will get my little beachy rooms painted and fixed up and turned into something everyone who lives here can enjoy.  Where to begin?  In the living room and hall which are the ‘public’ rooms?  In the kitchen which is just beige on beige?  The teen son’s bedroom which he will soon be sharing with the 5 yr old (I figure he deserves a little reward for that 😉 ) The equally beige on beige bathroom?

Decisions decisions.  If you were beginning this one room at a time project, where would you begin?

And because I have had such a fabulous Friday…. we get a little Fantasy reward.  It’s Fantasy Friday!

I am happily editing my fantasy and this picture reminds me of the backstory for the current scene.  The Ohnori of Khyr’s people went on a quest and never returned. His sword is found in the current scene where he flung it into the water where his enemies could not recover it.

Glorfindel -

Beautiful artwork isn’t it?

Lovin’ the Lowcountry

Today the daughter and I went to downtown Charleston and reveled once more in the small, cobbled backstreets, the beautiful old buildings, palm trees, green courtyards, wide porches, and smiling faces.  Yep, the logo is right:  Beautiful places, smiling faces.  We tried out a new (to us) place to eat as it ranked high (#2!) on daughter’s celiac-friendly list.  The Brown Dog Deli was adorable.  A quaint little eatery tucked into one of the myriad old Broad Street buildings, with a wooden floor, cozy tables, wooden booths, and a tiny courtyard out back.  It was cold inside, so we took our food out to the sunny courtyard.  Just lovely.  And yummy!

We drove out to Folly Beach, enjoying the sound of the gulls, the smell of the pluff mud as the tide went out, the boats rocking on the waves.  We took a long stroll up the beach and smiled at the tourists splashing joyfully in the still frigid surf.  Nope.  Not these Southern girls.  We waded up to our ankles when a wave reached us as we walked, that was the full extent of our venturing into the ocean.  Brrrr.  Collected lots of lovely bits of coral which I added to the bowl, and one larger piece for the table near the front door where we keep all the ‘treasures’ from countless visits.

Another gorgeous spring day here in the Lowcountry.  May every day be so blessed.