New redux

The whole island is new again as Spring charges past winter (a month late but who’s counting?). The azalea hedge around the front yard and the house is almost entirely in bloom.  The camellias are still in bloom, although the reds which began the show are slowing, and the whites and red streaked ones are just beginning to really take over. And today the wisteria burst into full bloom…cascades of purple flowers covering the mounded bush and festooning the fence the other one is trellised along. The fat anole that thinks he ‘owns’ my garbage can was out sunning himself.  He puffed up but refused to move when I approached.  I will wait till nightfall when he has left his sunning spot for bed before I put the trash in the can.

The dogs have spring fever and have run in and out all day,

Tomorrow morning…hopefully and fingers crossed… I will be driving out to check on a car to buy for my growing brood.  A nice little hatchback that will hold all the kids PLUS have room in back for dogs, boogie boards, and beach towels.  Or groceries.  😉  Then in the afternoon I have an eye exam for new contacts.  Haven’t had an exam in 4 years… I am definitely due.  Excited to be able to see clearly once more.

And now…since it is a lovely Friday night… we have our Friday Fantasy.  Lots of thought on this one.  Current WIP is heading into the mountains….what better time to post a fantasy mountain scene?  Ever since the days I first read of Rivendell I have been in love with mountain keeps… what do you think of this one?

Rainbow Fortress


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