Random moments to treasure…

A random moment of weirdness….and affirmation of our connectedness to nature around us. Sitting here in the living room, writing away, when ‘plop’ an anole leaps onto my laptop and sits there eyeballing me with its bright emerald gaze. Mind you I am not outdoors, nor near any windows or doors, have not been outside for several hours and even then not near the places our anoles prefer to hang out… where did this little guy come from? It seemed in no way overly distressed by my presence, so I eased to my feet and carried the laptop out the front door so he could leap to freedom into the flower pots or shrubbery,

Nope. Wasn’t budging.

I lowered the laptop into the azalea and the anole promptly scurried up my hand and arm to avoid being deposited in the greenery and seemed, indeed, rather offended by the gesture. Anole and I discussed this for a bit as he sat on my hand, then Reesie came out to help me release my new friend. He didn’t object to her handling either, but again seemed unwilling to be returned to the wild and scurried up her hands as well. Eventually we found a bare branch directly in front of the sunlit porch and the anole finally stepped off and rested there…still watching us with a “seriously? you’re leaving me here?” look.

We have a new friend and he is quite a charmer.

Welcome home, little guy.


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