MARCHing into spring…I hope

Today was/is gorgeous! Mid 70s, light breeze, bright sunshine.  Couldn’t ask for a lovelier spring day.  I hope it stays.  It has been an unusually cold and dreary February for here in the Lowcountry.  Usually by now I would have my spring crops in, this year the rain and very cold nights prevented that.  This week, with more seasonable temperatures promised, I hope to accomplish getting at least the pots of vegies started. The garden still has onions,  three kinds of kale, and lots of herbs from last year. That is a good beginning.

So welcome March!  About time you got here.  The camellias are still in bloom.  The red and white striped ones have joined the red, pink, and whiite ones.  

Yellow is stilll biding its time.  Azaleas have fat buds, so they are late but will be here soon. Amaryllis left by some long ago residents of this house are blooming now too.  Sadly tucked behind the huge azaleas where no one can appreciate their amazing beauty but me.  After they are done, I really should lift and move them to a location where future generations can enjoy their show.


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