About dogs, crab dip, and other everyday things

Today my Reesie went back to Conway and her play.  It was a lovely visit…we accomplished everything we set out to get done and then some, had a lot of fun, and caught up on our lives.  We trimmed doggie toenails.  Made a new perch for the parrot (who has rejected it, as always, is now in the fits of attempting to ‘kill’ it, as always, and will eventually accept and love it)  We laughed at our total lack of icy weather, hauled potted plants and rabbit in and out of the house on a daily basis, did a ton of laundry, and discussed such obtuse things as whether or not to sell my beloved house, why she has never been called for jury duty (when she really wants to be), will she be able to give blood tomorrow when she has her appointment (she really wants to but has never weighed enough to do it), how I was ever going to save enough to get a little ‘beater’ car if I don’t get a job (and how I would get a job lacking a car to get me ‘to’ it), and the changes life holds for her and her oldest sister in the next few months/year.

Life is such an amazing adventure.

Now she has gone home.  No one to talk to for a few weeks (conversations with the14 yr old son tend to not lean toward anything very ‘deep’).  So I am working on my books, indulging in way too much crab dip and vegetable crackers and feeding crackers to the 1 yr old.  Snuggling her old lab, who always is blue for a few days when ‘her’ Reesie has to leave again.

I have made a fresh pot of sweet ice tea, and a big bowl of turkey salad for supper.

The day is cloudy and cool….the sunshine left about the same time this morning Reesie did…but not unpleasant.  It surely could be worse  (sorry Northerners)

Most of the house is picked up, dishes are done.  Post for my writer’s group is ready and I called AFLAC to change my automatic payments from the old account up north to one down here.  Back to what passes for normal.

So many changes.  So many more ahead.

Life is good.

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