In search of something magical

It was a genuinely lovely day today.  The weather, if not so warm as we would like, was more than pleasant.  The ‘sceduled’ rain never came.  My daughter and I spent the afternoon running back and forth from her previous apartment to her storage unit, packing away all of her belongings and furniture before her upcoming move. And during one of those many trips a small miracle occurred which brightened her mood and lifted the whole day to a new level of anticipation and hope…

The move from up north to my bringing the family ‘home’ to the Lowcountry has been a mixed blessing for my kids.  A new place.  New schools.  Looking for new jobs.  The loss of the ‘familiar’ where they’d known where to go and what was ‘out there’.   This daughter, in particular, has floundered.  Her very successful job and comfortable life vanished when I moved.  She’s flailing a bit as she seeks to find her new balance.  Her jobs haven’t begun to approach the much loved environment she knew before.  Let’s face it… she’s been pretty dejected.  Last week her newest job closed for a couple of weeks to renovate their building.  They also ‘cleaned house’ in the employee department…everyone suspected it was coming, so she and I bustled through our day under the shadow of her not knowing what tomorrow might bring.

And then the phone rang.  Not only did they not cut her (one of only three they kept) but gave her a better position at one of their other very successful establishments downtown.  She was elated.  I was thrilled.  The whole day brightened with laughter, and the miracle of hope that at last things begin to turn around.

To celebrate she took me out to lunch at our favorite Folly Beach Crab Shack where I fell totally i love with their crab balls!  OMG!  If their crab cakes are good…these little balls are pure heaven!  Plus we had crab legs and potatoes, smiles and happiness, and it was just perfect.

We found our magic…now here’s a Friday Fantasy to see if we can spread that joy:

the world in her hand

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