And we have…SUNSHINE

Amazing how a few days and some bright sunshine makes the whole world feel better.  The camellias are showing in all their glory now.  The azaleas can’t be far behind..a couple of weeks…maybe three if these off-again-on-again cold snaps continue.

The dogs have spring fever.  With the bright sunshine today they are rolling and running and having a wonderful time in the yard.

In case you haven’t noticed, I love my yard.  It is big enough for dogs and kids, but not so large it is impossible to care for on my own.  I have two live oaks in the front….one was taken out by Hurricane Hugo, so only the trunk remains, surrounded by the ubiquitous ring of equally old azaleas, but new branches appear each year as it struggles to recover, after two years of my loving on it…it now has enough branches drooping on all sides it has regained ‘tree’ status.  The other was also damaged in a hurricane…probably Hugo….and the main central trunk was split right down the middle.  It continues to thrive, but that broken core will eventually take it down. It loses large sections of dead limbs from the crown when there are storms, but continues to put up new growth to replace what was killed in that long-ago storm.  Of course there are all the old growth azaleas and camellias.  A couple of crepe myrtles.  Another live oak in the backyard….tall, strong, with a deep hollow in the center which houses my Great Horned Owl.  Dogwoods in profusion.  Hydrangeas that I planted when I made this home. An enormous wisteria big enough the kids use the space beneath its spreading fall of branches as a playhouse. A pear tree which provides hundreds of lovely fruit each year (since I fertilize it each spring) and our crowning glory…a majestic magnolia tree.

What’s not to love about such a wonderful setting?

So today I shall embrace the joy and beauty of my yard.  And be thankful once again for every day I am blessed to be here.


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