When it’s cold…

Another Friday…but much different than a week ago.  Today, after a week of really lovely weather, it got freakin’ cold.

Now, I have to tell you, after half a lifetime trapped in the abyss that is ‘the heart of it all’  (Ohio), I have a strong dislike for anything even remotely cold.  Fairly well anything below my body temperature is not welcome (yes, I prefer around  90).  This weather isn’t even warm.   It is cold.  Cold enough the squirrels stayed in their nests today.  Cold enough I had zero desire to be outside in it.  I knew I had to.  There were errands to be run….or in my current carless state…walked.

Errands are almost all done.  And I am blissfully back  inside my warm little house with blankets and socks and sooooo thankful this is not Ohio!

It is, my dears, that time again.  FANTASY FRIDAY is upon us.  And while I spent the afternoon wishing I could go to my Crab Shack and eat rock shrimp till I couldn’t move… we are looking for a different kind of fantasy tonight.  Posting pictures of my protagonists could be fun too…but alas… also not on tonight’s agenda (anyone wants them to come out to play some Friday, be sure to let me know.  I am easy :D)  Tonight I am searching for something ‘winter’ inspired but amazing.  And here you have it… now there is a moon!

moon over snowf


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