Finally February

The month is off to a chilly, but lovely start.  Lots of sunshine, pretty rough winds today though, steady at 33-35mph gusting in the mid 40’s.  It will be interesting to see how many tree limbs are down tomorrow morning from the old, Hugo divided, live oak out front.

it will be a short, crazy busy month I am sure. Lots of writing to do this month.  Lots of spring cleaning, and adapting to having the little guy here for the next few weeks.  I forgot one year old boys never sleep.  Except 9 to 4am.  Which would be fine, except I write till around 2am.  Forget him needing naps… I might!

Just noticed the living room walls need washed.  Ah, the joys of bright sunlight, revealing all my nicely winter-hidden chores.  Guess that will go on this week’s chore list.  Right after hand scrubbing the kitchen floor again.  Dang brick floor.  I love it, but really need to get one of those shark steam mops…. hands and knees may be the most thorough cleaning, but certainly is not time effective.

And there is far too much fun to be had to waste it on scrubbing floors.  Right?


One thought on “Finally February

  1. I bought an off-brand steam mop (from Aldi) and it works great. The trouble is the head/pad/cover thingies are such an asspain I still don’t use it like I should.

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