New worlds to explore…

Leonard Nimoy passed away….the world is better for his having been here, less for his passing.  Mr Spock was my first crush…I never cared about tthe Beatles or any of the bands or teen crushes…. he met a geeky girl’s heart and gave us a brighter hope for a time when our geekiness would be appreciated, even necessary.

I hope Big Bang Theory does a proper tribute… they would be the ones to really do it in a way he would love.

New worlds to explore, sir… you shall be missed in this one


In other less than noteworthy moments… the weather was fair and mild today.  Walked the 14 yr old to the doctor for yet another stomach ailment.  He is on so many meds for that already that even though the doctor and I both suspect it may just be the current stomach bug she is referring him to gastro-enterology for a workup.  There has to be an underlying cause for all his tummy troubles and she suggested two in quick order:  food allergies (he is and always has been lactose intolerant) and/or GSE (gluten sensitive enteropathy)   Well, we sure know that one.

We walked back home, enjoying the pretty weather, pausing on the bridge to watch the tide going out and to discuss local oyster shoals we thought could be accessed on foot.  Stopped at the grocery store for yogurt  (doctor wants him to get extra probiotics),oj (just because we are out), and vegannaise.  A really lovely day.

My cellphone croaked this morning.  It has been gradually dying for a year.  I think it did well all things considered.  Daughter is checking her old phone stash for a workable one she can give me 🙂  Kids can be so handy this way.

Called social security office to change my automatic deposit… was on hold for 83 minutes and then they hung up on me.  Called back, waited an hour and15 minutes and they called me back and told me to go to the local office on Monday.  ARGH!  If I had a car to get to the local office would I have sat on hold for nearly an hour and a half!!!!

Speaking of cars… have a small plan in the making as to how I shall make up the amount needed to ‘get’ my little beater and not pillage my limited resources.  By next weekend I should know.  Then locate a suitable car, have someone who knows something ‘about’ cars check it out for me…and hallelujah!

Now on to the FUN that is FRIDAY!!!  Fantasy time!

Khyr’s story is coming along.  By the end of next week he and his companions should be on their way to the West Coast.  Mass quantities of research shall, again, be undertaken… as it was the first time I wrote these scenes.   In honor of that here is one of the places I picture for this section of the story.  Isn’t it amazing?

About dogs, crab dip, and other everyday things

Today my Reesie went back to Conway and her play.  It was a lovely visit…we accomplished everything we set out to get done and then some, had a lot of fun, and caught up on our lives.  We trimmed doggie toenails.  Made a new perch for the parrot (who has rejected it, as always, is now in the fits of attempting to ‘kill’ it, as always, and will eventually accept and love it)  We laughed at our total lack of icy weather, hauled potted plants and rabbit in and out of the house on a daily basis, did a ton of laundry, and discussed such obtuse things as whether or not to sell my beloved house, why she has never been called for jury duty (when she really wants to be), will she be able to give blood tomorrow when she has her appointment (she really wants to but has never weighed enough to do it), how I was ever going to save enough to get a little ‘beater’ car if I don’t get a job (and how I would get a job lacking a car to get me ‘to’ it), and the changes life holds for her and her oldest sister in the next few months/year.

Life is such an amazing adventure.

Now she has gone home.  No one to talk to for a few weeks (conversations with the14 yr old son tend to not lean toward anything very ‘deep’).  So I am working on my books, indulging in way too much crab dip and vegetable crackers and feeding crackers to the 1 yr old.  Snuggling her old lab, who always is blue for a few days when ‘her’ Reesie has to leave again.

I have made a fresh pot of sweet ice tea, and a big bowl of turkey salad for supper.

The day is cloudy and cool….the sunshine left about the same time this morning Reesie did…but not unpleasant.  It surely could be worse  (sorry Northerners)

Most of the house is picked up, dishes are done.  Post for my writer’s group is ready and I called AFLAC to change my automatic payments from the old account up north to one down here.  Back to what passes for normal.

So many changes.  So many more ahead.

Life is good.

Marvelous Monday

Reesie brought me home last night.  We made salmon croquettes (a favorite)  and hung out. A pleasant afternoon.  Today we ran errands…. the ones I can’t get done because of the lack of car situation.  We went to Staples, the bank, got gas for her car, I wrote letters to be mailed tomorrow, we got some groceries … then home in time for dinner.

I made chayote to go with supper.  A different recipe than I usually make, but well suited to the meal and went wonderfully with the roasted pototoes and the cranberry sauce.  So simple:

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil

  • 1/4 red onion, diced
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • chayote squash, cut into 1/2 inch strips
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • ground black pepper to taste
  • 1/2 teaspoon white sugar or stevia
  • 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes   (I used more…but we like spice)

  • 1 tablespoon lime juice

You put the oil in a skillet, brown the onion and garlic, toss in the chayote and seasoning.  Brown for about 3 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Add the lime juice (you may need a dash more if you have a large chayote as I did tonight) and cook another 2 – 3 minutes till done, but still crisp.


Saturday spectacular

Today was the day! I worked hard and fast all morning, and when my ride arrived we jumped in the car and headed for Reesie’s to see her Stage Manage her first professional production.  The drive is one of my favorites… miles and miles of  fast roads through the Francis Marion forests… tiny towns that are barely a cross road… tiny churches.  Love this drive.  When Reesie moves on to a new town I shall so miss these trips.

Her musical… She Loves Me… is the play on which You’ve Got Mail was based… so it was a fun and familiar story. I got to go up and see the Stage Manager’s booth.  WOW!  I never knew they were so big, with so much equipment, so many people…and her stage management book has to be over a foot thick!  And all you heard was a soft constant barrage of times till and cue this and what was going up, down…places… HOW she keeps track of it all amazes me.  Amazes them!  She is going to be wonderful in her new profession that she loves so much.  I could not be prouder.

A fabulous Friday full of fun!

What a wonderful day… lots to do, chores.  Walked to the grocery store and got food for the weekend because tomorrow I get to go to see my Reesie’s musical “She Loves Me”  which is her first mainstage production as a professional stage manager. Can’t wait to see it.

Meanwhile, the weather is nice.  The weekend looks to be awesome and the writing is zipping along in spite of my minor melt downs  (it’s been too long, the edits will never end, the last book I ‘edited’ I destroyed, what if …what if… what if….) The typical  writer’s panic attack list.

AND… best of all… it is FRIDAY!  Which means not only the end of another long week, but another wonderful Fantasy Friday posting.  I have such fun finding the pictures to post here… I hope others enjoy them as well.


Just another magic Monday

and the Lowcountry is blessed with sunshine for Presiden’t Day.  Not much happening here…without a car I can’t actually take the kids anywhere.  But teenage son was just happy to sleep in and spend the day playing his games.

Since I have nowhere to go, I spent some hours reading…a few cleaning house… and a LOT writing.  I love writing.  I love the flow, the feel, the worlds that spring from the page.  And when my writing day was done, there were edits for my Judah and his absolutely fascinating story he is writing for his master’s class.  Literary…but not.  And he has found his voice at last.  His love for this story shines through its dark themes.  That was such fun.

Also got to Skype with my Squid.  Who sang some songs for me.  Hid behind his hands a lot.  And said his favorite bedtime book was “the Oma book”  😀   I love that boy. “Goodnight Moon” has been passed on once more.

In search of something magical

It was a genuinely lovely day today.  The weather, if not so warm as we would like, was more than pleasant.  The ‘sceduled’ rain never came.  My daughter and I spent the afternoon running back and forth from her previous apartment to her storage unit, packing away all of her belongings and furniture before her upcoming move. And during one of those many trips a small miracle occurred which brightened her mood and lifted the whole day to a new level of anticipation and hope…

The move from up north to my bringing the family ‘home’ to the Lowcountry has been a mixed blessing for my kids.  A new place.  New schools.  Looking for new jobs.  The loss of the ‘familiar’ where they’d known where to go and what was ‘out there’.   This daughter, in particular, has floundered.  Her very successful job and comfortable life vanished when I moved.  She’s flailing a bit as she seeks to find her new balance.  Her jobs haven’t begun to approach the much loved environment she knew before.  Let’s face it… she’s been pretty dejected.  Last week her newest job closed for a couple of weeks to renovate their building.  They also ‘cleaned house’ in the employee department…everyone suspected it was coming, so she and I bustled through our day under the shadow of her not knowing what tomorrow might bring.

And then the phone rang.  Not only did they not cut her (one of only three they kept) but gave her a better position at one of their other very successful establishments downtown.  She was elated.  I was thrilled.  The whole day brightened with laughter, and the miracle of hope that at last things begin to turn around.

To celebrate she took me out to lunch at our favorite Folly Beach Crab Shack where I fell totally i love with their crab balls!  OMG!  If their crab cakes are good…these little balls are pure heaven!  Plus we had crab legs and potatoes, smiles and happiness, and it was just perfect.

We found our magic…now here’s a Friday Fantasy to see if we can spread that joy:

the world in her hand

And we have…SUNSHINE

Amazing how a few days and some bright sunshine makes the whole world feel better.  The camellias are showing in all their glory now.  The azaleas can’t be far behind..a couple of weeks…maybe three if these off-again-on-again cold snaps continue.

The dogs have spring fever.  With the bright sunshine today they are rolling and running and having a wonderful time in the yard.

In case you haven’t noticed, I love my yard.  It is big enough for dogs and kids, but not so large it is impossible to care for on my own.  I have two live oaks in the front….one was taken out by Hurricane Hugo, so only the trunk remains, surrounded by the ubiquitous ring of equally old azaleas, but new branches appear each year as it struggles to recover, after two years of my loving on it…it now has enough branches drooping on all sides it has regained ‘tree’ status.  The other was also damaged in a hurricane…probably Hugo….and the main central trunk was split right down the middle.  It continues to thrive, but that broken core will eventually take it down. It loses large sections of dead limbs from the crown when there are storms, but continues to put up new growth to replace what was killed in that long-ago storm.  Of course there are all the old growth azaleas and camellias.  A couple of crepe myrtles.  Another live oak in the backyard….tall, strong, with a deep hollow in the center which houses my Great Horned Owl.  Dogwoods in profusion.  Hydrangeas that I planted when I made this home. An enormous wisteria big enough the kids use the space beneath its spreading fall of branches as a playhouse. A pear tree which provides hundreds of lovely fruit each year (since I fertilize it each spring) and our crowning glory…a majestic magnolia tree.

What’s not to love about such a wonderful setting?

So today I shall embrace the joy and beauty of my yard.  And be thankful once again for every day I am blessed to be here.

When it’s cold…

Another Friday…but much different than a week ago.  Today, after a week of really lovely weather, it got freakin’ cold.

Now, I have to tell you, after half a lifetime trapped in the abyss that is ‘the heart of it all’  (Ohio), I have a strong dislike for anything even remotely cold.  Fairly well anything below my body temperature is not welcome (yes, I prefer around  90).  This weather isn’t even warm.   It is cold.  Cold enough the squirrels stayed in their nests today.  Cold enough I had zero desire to be outside in it.  I knew I had to.  There were errands to be run….or in my current carless state…walked.

Errands are almost all done.  And I am blissfully back  inside my warm little house with blankets and socks and sooooo thankful this is not Ohio!

It is, my dears, that time again.  FANTASY FRIDAY is upon us.  And while I spent the afternoon wishing I could go to my Crab Shack and eat rock shrimp till I couldn’t move… we are looking for a different kind of fantasy tonight.  Posting pictures of my protagonists could be fun too…but alas… also not on tonight’s agenda (anyone wants them to come out to play some Friday, be sure to let me know.  I am easy :D)  Tonight I am searching for something ‘winter’ inspired but amazing.  And here you have it… now there is a moon!

moon over snowf

What’s Up with Wednesday

For starters, it was a beautiful day.  The pink camellias are now taking center stage from the red.  The white and cream are loaded with buds and the promise of many more glorious days to come.  Glorious sunshine all day, followed by rains tonight. The squirrels are chasing each other through the trees, hinting at numerous litters of adorable kits later this spring. The Carolina wren has begun her annual visits to the screened back porch.  By early April there will be a nest on one of the rafters and fledglings before summer.

Writing is progressing wonderfully.  Khyr’s story has slowed a bit, as I am uncertain of ‘where’ he is currently.  He seems to be in a bit of a snit with me, but if I wait patiently and continue the journey without him…eventually he will reappear with tales of whatever grand side-adventure he was on for me to work back into the story.

Really, I’m not as crazy as it sounds. Characters do speak to the poor, merely human writers who offer their stories up in the printed word.  And they can be remarkably stubborn at times as well.

On the other hand, the new story I just began this first of the month is speeding easily to the page…so far. Perhaps this protagonist does not yet know me well enough to be so tempermental…yet.  Give him time.

My crit group continues to both surprise and shock me with their comments.  I was told the new story reminded them of Gabaldon (which is an enormous compliment since this group, in the main, adores her series).  And today was told I should consider renaming it “Fifty Shades of (main character)” …  now that I never saw coming, LOL.

Next up…major walking as I have about 4 hours worth of walking between the bank, post office, school, and home again.  If I don’t walk some weight off while I am waiting to be able to get a car… I don’t know what will, LOL.