Friday happens…

I have to say it was a gorgeous Lowcountry end to the month of January.  Sunny and blue skies,  not overly chilly (though still a bit nippy for my iguana…where’s my hot rock’…. blood).  The camellias are a thing of beauty and will only get better as the weeks progress.  My reds were first to open, now the hot pink is joining the show.  

In a week or so the multicolored ones will open, followed in quick succession by white, cream, and finally my little yellow.  I love all the colors and how festive and hopeful they look as the final weeks of winter trickle away.

Very thankful for nature’s beauty and hopefulness on days like these, when little else seems to go as hoped or planned.

Thankful also for the kind hearts of friends, who reach out with strength and compassion beyond our own.

But today is also FRIDAY! which means time to put aside the pressures of our everyday world and find a place where adventure abounds, mystery lies beyond the next corner, and both beauty and despair, terror and hope await us.

Let’s see where this one leads us….


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