Meandering with the Muse

Oddly, I have no theme tonight. It has been one of those disjointed weekends with a bit of this, a bit of that, and no continuous thread to bind it all together in the crazy quilt that is my life.  Not a bad thing, it adds variety. Changes the pattern.

Going with the ‘flow’ of life is not always a bad thing at all.  Sometimes it is the fastest way through the rapids.

We have a few of life’s rapids around here now.  Challenges to be met.  Some personal, some not so much.  We’ll meet them and come out on the other side…definetly wetter and probably a bit weary, but stronger for having faced the world head on.


In a separate train of thought entirely (I jump tracks frequently without warning… you are hereby warned…) the weather is changing its pattern as well.  Long Island is due for 3 feet of snow tonight.  That’s a lot of snow for an island unaccustomed to being hit this hard.  And still the naysayers persist that Global Climate Change isn’t real… open your eyes, open your  mind.  Things are changing and we need to adapt…and quickly.


Jump!  (or as my kids say when I do this in conversation with them:  Squirrel!)

This story is in flux as much as the weather I sometimes think.  Motivations are shifting, finding new patterns, changing relationships.  More backstory weaves through the threads of their lives.  I like it.  It brings depth.  Develops who they are and why.

This is the reason I’ve never been a good ‘plotter’.  I enjoy the changes as things within my story meander and flow.  The characters revealing more of who they truly are beneath the easy facade that is visible.  It is more time consuming to be a ‘pantser’.  Certainly things are never quite as clean cut as for my committed plotting friends.  To me, it is time well spent.  Another of those roads less traveled I love so much.


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