Fantasy Friday!

And I have been a very good girl today.  My crit partner sent me edits on those first 20 chapters and I have made all the corrections.  I also finished my edits on the next two chapters and will send those off soon. Next up some major rewrites on the next two chapters.  I do so love this part of editing.

It rained gently all day, so the plants got a good watering.  Tender plants are back indoors as temperatures will drop all weekend, but looking very happy for their days outside in the sunshine and rain.  In the front yard, my camellias have begun to open this week.  Pinks and red first, the bicolors will follow, and then the cream and white ones.  Waiting and hoping my tiny yellow camellia will bloom this spring.

And, since it is Fantasy Friday… I present another lovely picture.  All my life I have been fascinated with the ‘road less traveled’, with twisty roads to unknown places, and paths that lead ….where?  They inspire.  They open our minds and spirits to questions beyond what we know.  This is one of those places.

the path upward

Where does it take you?


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