Wednesday in the garden

Bright, sunny, mid 70s, gorgeous January day in the Lowcountry.  I took advantage of it to get my baby lemon tree outside for some hours of sunshine, watered the planters on the front porch, and carried bucket upon bucket of pine mulch across the yard to form the beginnings of my new raised bed.  It will form a swoosh pattern between the back driveway (unused), the corner of the yard, and the road.  Once I get the pattern established I will add some good topsoil and plug in the first couple of plants.  The area is rather shaded by some large pines in the neighbors yard and a dogwood on the other side of the driveway in mine.  I am hoping to add at least one Needle Palm as they are very hardy and tough and don’t mind shade at all.

And trying to decide on other decorative and colorful plantings to join it.  Considering Lantana (which here is almost impossble not to do well 😀  And possibly Turkscap, also a native, which can handle the shade, the climate, and will give me some pretty flowers as a bonus.

Pretty don’t you think?


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