Friday happens…

I have to say it was a gorgeous Lowcountry end to the month of January.  Sunny and blue skies,  not overly chilly (though still a bit nippy for my iguana…where’s my hot rock’…. blood).  The camellias are a thing of beauty and will only get better as the weeks progress.  My reds were first to open, now the hot pink is joining the show.  

In a week or so the multicolored ones will open, followed in quick succession by white, cream, and finally my little yellow.  I love all the colors and how festive and hopeful they look as the final weeks of winter trickle away.

Very thankful for nature’s beauty and hopefulness on days like these, when little else seems to go as hoped or planned.

Thankful also for the kind hearts of friends, who reach out with strength and compassion beyond our own.

But today is also FRIDAY! which means time to put aside the pressures of our everyday world and find a place where adventure abounds, mystery lies beyond the next corner, and both beauty and despair, terror and hope await us.

Let’s see where this one leads us….

What fun

It has been a couple of crazy busy days….but such fun.

Yesterday was DeeDee picking murals for the toddler bedroom….this lovely tree branchs with leaves and birds that stretched 2/3 the length of the wall!  Then another tree that came up from the floor and ended in all these gorgeous pink cherry blossom style flowers,  I loved making them and they bring such a fantasy, friendly forest feeling to the room.  The other side, appropriately enough, is Winnie the Pooh…so here we have created a little girl’s 100 Acre Woods 😀

Meriill got a new cabinet for his electronics…such an improvement over the very modern glass shelves previously used. They didn’t fit the ‘feel’ of his Man Cave… or the decor.  Plus they left all those ugly cords out in plain sight.  Downside to the new set up? taking everything apart, squeezing my butt back under the table and behind the cabinet, and thinking by any stretch of the imagination I could help figure out what went where!  LOL!  Still, he was very patient… no I said MSI2 not USB… and eventually… VOILA!  all things connected and … gasp! working!

Today was spagetti pizza (a lovely way to slide that spagetti squash right on past ’em) at our house.  And I brewed a big pitcher of sweet tea…which will last till tomorrow.  Big tea drinkers in this family.  No idea what tomorrow holds, but sure to be different.

I hope to finish taking the last of the pine mulch out to the back bed I am working on, so that, come the first of the month, I will be ready to plant it.  Also wandered over to Hyams and checked out the new plants.  Spring fever is fast upon me, fellow gardners.  So many plants.  So little time.

Meandering with the Muse

Oddly, I have no theme tonight. It has been one of those disjointed weekends with a bit of this, a bit of that, and no continuous thread to bind it all together in the crazy quilt that is my life.  Not a bad thing, it adds variety. Changes the pattern.

Going with the ‘flow’ of life is not always a bad thing at all.  Sometimes it is the fastest way through the rapids.

We have a few of life’s rapids around here now.  Challenges to be met.  Some personal, some not so much.  We’ll meet them and come out on the other side…definetly wetter and probably a bit weary, but stronger for having faced the world head on.


In a separate train of thought entirely (I jump tracks frequently without warning… you are hereby warned…) the weather is changing its pattern as well.  Long Island is due for 3 feet of snow tonight.  That’s a lot of snow for an island unaccustomed to being hit this hard.  And still the naysayers persist that Global Climate Change isn’t real… open your eyes, open your  mind.  Things are changing and we need to adapt…and quickly.


Jump!  (or as my kids say when I do this in conversation with them:  Squirrel!)

This story is in flux as much as the weather I sometimes think.  Motivations are shifting, finding new patterns, changing relationships.  More backstory weaves through the threads of their lives.  I like it.  It brings depth.  Develops who they are and why.

This is the reason I’ve never been a good ‘plotter’.  I enjoy the changes as things within my story meander and flow.  The characters revealing more of who they truly are beneath the easy facade that is visible.  It is more time consuming to be a ‘pantser’.  Certainly things are never quite as clean cut as for my committed plotting friends.  To me, it is time well spent.  Another of those roads less traveled I love so much.

Fantasy Friday!

And I have been a very good girl today.  My crit partner sent me edits on those first 20 chapters and I have made all the corrections.  I also finished my edits on the next two chapters and will send those off soon. Next up some major rewrites on the next two chapters.  I do so love this part of editing.

It rained gently all day, so the plants got a good watering.  Tender plants are back indoors as temperatures will drop all weekend, but looking very happy for their days outside in the sunshine and rain.  In the front yard, my camellias have begun to open this week.  Pinks and red first, the bicolors will follow, and then the cream and white ones.  Waiting and hoping my tiny yellow camellia will bloom this spring.

And, since it is Fantasy Friday… I present another lovely picture.  All my life I have been fascinated with the ‘road less traveled’, with twisty roads to unknown places, and paths that lead ….where?  They inspire.  They open our minds and spirits to questions beyond what we know.  This is one of those places.

the path upward

Where does it take you?

Wednesday in the garden

Bright, sunny, mid 70s, gorgeous January day in the Lowcountry.  I took advantage of it to get my baby lemon tree outside for some hours of sunshine, watered the planters on the front porch, and carried bucket upon bucket of pine mulch across the yard to form the beginnings of my new raised bed.  It will form a swoosh pattern between the back driveway (unused), the corner of the yard, and the road.  Once I get the pattern established I will add some good topsoil and plug in the first couple of plants.  The area is rather shaded by some large pines in the neighbors yard and a dogwood on the other side of the driveway in mine.  I am hoping to add at least one Needle Palm as they are very hardy and tough and don’t mind shade at all.

And trying to decide on other decorative and colorful plantings to join it.  Considering Lantana (which here is almost impossble not to do well 😀  And possibly Turkscap, also a native, which can handle the shade, the climate, and will give me some pretty flowers as a bonus.

Pretty don’t you think?

Monday and MLK

MLK quote

It is a beautiful sunny Lowcountry Monday.  Peaceful, quiet, dogs snoring on the sofa, and my multiracial multitide of children off about their days… work, games, visiting with friends.  Because my family is such a ‘crayon box’ of hues, sameness and differences, I have a great appreciation for Dr. King and what he gave to our world.

This quote has been repeated a million times.  It deserves to be repeated a million more.  Love is the answer.  It always has been.

Happy Monday.  I wish you love.

Such a brief span of time…

…and so many changes!

The weather swung from our usually temperate Lowcountry winter to some chilly days and bitter night.  Had to cover my fig, baby yellow camellia, and lemon trees.  Now we have swung back to sunny skies, warming gradually, and no more blankets over the plants.

Challenges changed from me worrying about how much gas we were using…to my dd totaling the poor little Kia last night. She thankfully is fine except for a sprained wrist and a very swollen hand.  My much loved car will be using no more gas.  Kinda sad, and yet I see the balance in this change. More budget, less expense.  A new appreciation on the part of the teens for having a car at all since we are on foot for the next few weeks,  Both the exercise and the discipline will be good for them.

Changes in my work in progress (wip) as well.  A new conflict rears its head, a new (future) threat begins to reveal itself, and some dynamics in my little group are shifting.  Such fun tweaking and tightening and filling the details.

Best of all, my just-graduated from college (SUMA cum laude!) daughter surprised me with an unannounced visit tonight!  So wonderful to have her here even just for one day ❤  So we will make a Chick-fil-A run (she is gluten free and Chick fil A is one of our ‘safe’ places) and then home to work on our laptops, eat junk food, and maybe watch a movie or play games.

Life is good.